Why A-Rod Would Never Miss The Chance To Cheer J.Lo On At The Super Bowl

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Super Bowls tend to be star-studded affairs, from the players themselves to the glittering halftime specials and stands littered with famous football fans. Considering singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is one half of the planned Sunday halftime spectacular, sports and music fans alike can't help but wonder if she'll be joined by her equally famous fiancé. So is A-Rod going to the Super Bowl? The MLB great wouldn't miss the chance to cheer J.Lo on.

When Lopez first announced her participation in the show on her Instagram, A-Rod could hardly contain his excitement "So proud and SO EXCITED! Bringing it home! Going to set the #305 on 🔥 #repost@jlo Going to set the world on 🔥🔥🔥 @shakira," he wrote on Instagram.

Speaking to People, Rodriguez gushed about J.Lo's hard work and focus leading to her big halftime performance. “I’m so proud of her for not just hoping, but working for all these years to make it happen," he said. He's also personally invested in the bigger picture of what Jennifer Lopez and Shakira sharing a stage means. "She is going onto that stage representing all of us: Latinos, immigrants, people of every age and color."

And during an interview with Good Morning America, Lopez confirmed that her whole family will be in Miami for the big day. From Rodriguez, to her 11-year-old twins Emme Maribel and Maximilian “Max” David, and A-Rod's daughters Ella and Natasha. “You know Alex. He’ll be as close as he can get to that stage!” Lopez told GMA. “Alex and all of our kids will be watching, they’ll all be in the stadium.”

While A-Rod will be there cheer J.Lo on, he's also made sure to support her emotionally in the weeks leading up to this career defining performance. “You know, one of the things we’ve done is not overbook ourselves,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s so easy to fill up the schedule, and what ends up happening is you don’t enjoy it. We’ve actually given ourselves time to breathe and let things sit, and really enjoy everything…She is so proud. This has been a lifelong dream for Jennifer, she’s worked so hard, and I cannot wait to see it.”