Lifetime Is Here To Ruin Your Happy Mother's Day Weekend With This New Movie


Lifetime is notorious for putting a dark spin on would-be happy stories, and Am I A Serial Killer is no different. Thankfully, the movie isn't based on a true story, because it has a disturbing premise that definitely doesn't fall in line with all the heartfelt Mother's Day content rolling out this weekend. Still, it might make you grateful for your mom in a twisted way — at least she's not a killer?

According to Lifetime's synopsis, the movie follows a teenage girl as she reaches out to her mom, who is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence for a double homicide. Shortly after they reconnect, several copycat murders happen and the girl starts to wonder if her mother is actually a killer, or if she was somehow framed for someone else's crimes. Oh, and the copycat (or actual) killer is getting closer and closer to making this teen his or her latest victim.

This makes the movie's title a little confusing considering, considering that the primary character is being stalked by a killer, not doing the killing. But Am I A Serial Killer's trailer hints the girl at the center of the story might not be so innocent after all. The clip starts off with the unnamed character holding a large knife in her hand as she confronts a blonde woman about one fateful night from years ago.


The scene cuts to a flashback with a younger version of the girl hiding in a closet as the same woman opens the door and tries to coax her out. It's revealed in the present that this woman is her mother, who admits that she played a role in two people's deaths because "that's what mothers do." Um, not exactly.

The flashback is then revisited from the mom's perspective, and shows the murder weapon in her daughter's hand. So, there's a chance that the girl is indeed a killer and her mother took the fall for her daughter. It would be an interesting turn of events for the main character to be convinced that there is someone committing crimes and trying to kill her only to discover that she's that person. Perhaps she goes through some type of memory lapse or blacks out and cannot remember what she's done. Or the mother could be manipulating her for some reason. You never know what the true angle is with a Lifetime flick until the very end.

The trailer also raises questions about how the mother got out of prison and why she was seen stabbing a man. Are they both killers? Is it a false memory? Her mom could be resentful that she took the fall for her daughter, and thus decided to orchestrate a string of murders to set her up. One thing is for sure – this is definitely not the kind of mother-daughter vibe that anyone wants.

Find out who the real murderer is when Am I A Serial Killer debuts on May 10 at 8 p.m. ET.