Ariana Grande Just Changed Her Hair Color & It's Majorly Different For Her

Jason Merritt/TERM/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The gray x silver hair trend isn't going away… if this pop singer with infamous follicles has anything to say about it. Ariana Grande has gray hair now and it's a major change from her usual, mega long chestnut locks, which she usually wears fashioned in a half-up, half-down ponytail with assists from extensions.

Grande posted an Instagram photo, showing off a long tumble of gray hair and even noted in the caption that "it's grey," since it has a silver cast from some angles and appears to have a lavender or even millennial pink tint from others.

Thankfully, the powerhouse vocalist clarified the nature of her strands shade for us.

Grande even boasted a mini, braided bun atop her new gray locks. Those pink hearts hovering around her head look to be part of a Snapchat filter.

How about the hue? Is that the work of a filter, as well? It could be!

Of course Arianators are wondering if the singer's hair is real or if it's a wig. Well, we don't know for sure, since she didn't tell us. She hasn't posted any new photos with her usual chocolate-colored locks since sharing this image of her gray 'do. Therefore, anything is possible.

But chances are it's a wig. Since Grande has so much hair, it's not likely that she went through all of the time-consuming trouble of double processing. Her colorist would have had to fully strip away the dark color in order to take it down to a lighter hue. That sort of drastic color transition can cause loads of havoc on brunette follicles and the multiple chemical steps can lead to damage. Unless Grande planned to go gray and stay there, why would she bother?

If the gray hair isn't a wig, it's very possibly a filter. But we won't know until Grande herself says so. It does look super pretty on her, especially since it's a delightfully dramatic contrast to her brown doe eyes, which are framed by mega lashes, and her olive skin. It's an unexpected change of pace for Grande and we are here for it.

The singer's hair has always been a hot topic of conversation, since she was often criticized for always wearing her locks the same way. She even addressed this situation, noting that years of dyeing her hair that burgundy x purply red shade for her role as Cat Valentine on several Nickelodeon series caused such tress trauma that it left her with no choice by to rely on extensions and to wear it partially up and out of her face.

Given all of the length, volume, and weight of Grande's hair, the signature, non-committal 'do suited her well.

Grande has rocked the platinum look in the past. The singer went with a white hot hue for her "Focus" singer cover. That was her Marilyn Monroe x blonde bombshell moment, with her shiny and bright high pony. So while the gray tint is a bit of a shift, it's not an entirely new thing to see Ariana Grande with light locks.

Her natural curls have made an appearance, as well. Those are as gorgeous as the gray.

For all the guff Grande gets for rocking a too-similar coif, she does change things up more than anyone gives her credit for. At the end of the day, it's just hair. Sure, some people are attached to their coifs for a variety of reasons — Blake Lively's view of hair as a shield and a safety net is totally relatable. But Grande has the means to utilize wigs and extensions and be playful with her hair. Or she can go rogue with a filter. Whatever the case, she is/was gorgeously gray.