Woah, Ariana Grande Just Got A Huge Hand Tattoo — And So Did Nonna

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not many would argue against Ariana Grande’s win since becoming Billboard’s Woman of the Year. The world has seen her go through it in the last couple years. Somehow, she’s coped with bad news while simultaneously laying down hit after hit. Now, Ariana celebrates with a new tattoo in honor of her big accomplishment. It’s kind of the only way to do it in the Grande household.

After quenching fans’ thirst with the release of her breakup banger “Thank U, Next” and winning big at Billboard’s Women in Music awards, she sought out the help of tattoo friend Mira Mariah only hours after the show closed. To go along with the rest of the minimalist tattoo family on her skin, Ari placed an animated moon surrounded by stars on top of her hand.

It’s so big, it takes up a huge portion of the back of her digits.

Not only is the size of the tattoo is so mind-boggling different from the singer’s other tats , but the moon character features a cute black lined eye that’s eerily similar to Ariana’s signature eye makeup. According to Refinery 29, this isn’t the first cosmic tat that Ariana’s got inked on her skin. She’d gotten a small black crescent moon on the back of her ear in 2015 and some additional astrological symbols on her foot back in November.

Surely enough, though Grande didn’t face the celebratory pain alone. The singer’s grabbed her 93-year-old grandma Nonna to tag along. Maybe it’s an Italian thing, but Nonna stayed calm and collected throughout the entire process. Raise your hand if your grandma would be down to face a needle like that. Nonna mucked up her courage and got herself permanently stamped like a champ.

Taking the pain like it was literally nothing, Ariana’s grandmother chose to place her tattoo on her ring finger. By the way, if you’re someone who’s not familiar with painful tattoo placement, the finger doesn’t particularly tickle the person putting the tat there. Not to mention, Grande whipped out her phone to get the whole thing on film.

“How are you feeling?” Grande asks Nonna in a video she posted. And like an unbothered boss, Nonna looked dead into the camera saying “I feel fine” while noting she’s “had a little bit more excitement than this.” This may be all about Arianna, but is there some way Nonna get an award for being this gangsta?

Revealing the final product in a series of more iPhone vids, Grande pans the camera to show the name “Ciccio” (which translates to Frank in Italian) on the inner side of Nonna’s left hand in remembrance of her late husband.

Not many people would even think to attempt getting their grandmother’s approval of receiving a tattoo, let alone going to get one for themselves. But apparently, when it comes to a family of Grande’s, doing things that are a little bit wild and big is in their nature. I mean it shouldn’t surprise anyone since big is literally in the family name.