Liquid Body Highlighter Is Officially The Product Of The Summer — And Huda Beauty Is Joining The Action

Warm weather has finally arrived. Layers are being shed and skin is being shown. It's prime time to both display and enjoy shimmery, glowing limbs, courtesy of body luminizers. Rihanna's Fenty Beauty dropped two dipped-in-shimmer shades, which sold out on the quick. Now, Huda Beauty is launching a liquid body highlighter. Or so it appears.

Brand founder and Insta influencer Huda Kattan shared Insta stories that hinted at a liquid body product being on the way. The first story featured flowing, golden and bronzed lava. The second spotlighted Kattan bathed in gold, from head to toe. She looked baptized in the stuff — as if she were a gilded statue.

Clearly, body highlighters are one of the top beauty trends of 2018 so far. They are asserting themselves as the product of Summer 2018. Because who doesn't love sun-kissed, dewy skin that comes from a bottle, rather than from the actual rays of the sun which can damage your sensitive skin?

One can't help but think that Huda Beauty will be launching this liquid luminizer sooner than later and not just because Kattan told us so. Summer is on the horizon and slathering a glimmery lotion onto arms and legs is such a "do." Glowing skin is the perfect accessory for an LBD on date night, for an outdoor wedding, or pretty much any occasion you wish.

It's like a golden and bronzed river in which you want to dive. It's so oddly satisfying to watch this product flow. Oh, and to answer her question: Yes, Huda Beauty, we were born ready.

Kattan took quite a dip in those golden waters. She surely looks 14 karats and beyond. Obviously, this is the most dramatic (and memorable) representation of whatever it is she is cooking up. But it's a pretty safe assumption that she is crafting a liquid highlighter designed to be slathered all over the body. Kattan didn't give us any further intel about the name of the product. We don't know the full range of function, the price, or the drop date. All we know for sure is that it's coming soon and it's as good as gold.

If anyone knows or thing or two or 10 about glow, it's Huda Kattan. Check out the sexy shimmer on her decolletage and her cheekbones. Several of her features shine bright like a diamond in this selfie.

ICYMI, Rihanna's Body Lava dropped to much fanfare last month. The shimmer was blinding, the scent was intoxicating, and the customer reaction was intense. This is the Brown Sugar shade and it's sweet AF.

Who Needs Clothes is the rose gold hue on the right. Those swatches, though!

If you want to glow like a golden goddess, then Rihanna's Fenty Beauty and Huda Beauty are giving you the proper tools to do so. You just have to use a light touch and properly blend the product, letting it melt into skin. Otherwise, you might end up looking a little too radioactive. The goal is to look lit from within. So don't overdo it with the body highlighters.

MAC has been leading the glimmer and shimmer trend with several products. The brand's Fix+ Prep + Prime lotions are infused with pearlescent particles. The brand's Strobe Creams are also ace.

Liquid body highlighters are infinitely playful. After a long winter of covering up and piling on clothes to keep warm, it's time to hydrate your skin and let it breathe while showing it off. Swipe a liquid luminizer on your shoulders, thighs, or any other exposed parts and enjoy showing off that skin. It's as sexy as it is safe.

Shimmery skin is so in this summer.