Hold Everything, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is Launching A Makeup Line

While stores like Ulta may be adding indie brands like Ofra and Storybook Cosmetics to their offerings left and right, there's another beauty trend that's picking up more and more steam. Celebrity based brands are steadily on the rise, Now, there seems to be a new one in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Rose, Inc makeup line. While makeup itself has not been totally confirmed by the model and actress (the brand's Instagram refers to beauty but not makeup specifically), it seems pretty obvious from her the promotional videos and images that makeup is her latest endeavor. The best part? Photos from the brand make this line seem like a sweet, millennial pink dream, and you'll want every upcoming piece.

If you're not familiar with Huntington-Whiteley, she's an English model probably most well-known for her work with Victoria's Secret. She's also an actress who has starred in major blockbusters like Transfomers: Dark of the Moon and Mad Max: Fury Road. While she has starred in mega films, it's modeling that started her career, so it makes sense that beauty is what's next.

Huntington-Whiteley's personal Instagram became flooded this week with rosy (see what she did there), pink hued videos and images with the hashtag coming soon and a new Instagram handle of @roseinc that clearly seems to be announcing her new beauty range.

In the videos posted to both the brand and the model's Instagram accounts, you can see Huntington-Whiteley in a range of pink-baed makeup looks. From a glossy pink lid to ultra-pink cheek and lips to a mod-inspired, multi-colored and geometric eye look, color seems to be the name of the game for this brand, pink seems like it may be its signature color.

If you head over to the Rose Inc Instagram page, you'll find the tagline "Beauty from the Insider Out" as well as a link to a website for the brand. Curious about the brand? Head to the website, and you'll be given the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter from Rose, Inc. The homepage reads, "Skip to the front of the line — VIP, baby!" The message certainly seems to be a way to get more information about the brand when it launches before anyone else.

This isn't the first time that makeup has been on Huntington-Whiteley's mind, though. She's actually got quite the history with the beauty industry. The model and actress already has a collaborative line of beauty items in the UK with brand Autography. The collection includes everything from lipstick to foundation to eyeshadow quads, she's already got a hand in the beauty industry, so formulating her own range of cosmetics shouldn't be a foreign endeavor for her.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As for additional details, well, there aren't any. Rose, Inc remains a mystery when it comes to specifics. Fans of the model and actress don't have details on a launch date and time yet, and the other big question would be whether the makeup brand will be a global endeavor. After all, her current work with Autograph is only sold in the UK. Will Rose, Inc be the same? Only time will tell, but stateside fans should keep their fingers crossed.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now that Huntington-Whiteley has added her name to the ever growing list of celebrity beauty brands, who could be next? With existing ranges like Fenty Beauty being incredibly successful and rumored brands coming from both Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga, now seems like the perfect time for Rose, Inc to launch. While other brands seem like they may be on the edgier side, Huntington-Whiteley's brand seems like a soft, millennial pink dream, and if that's your style, you may just be in luck.