These Reviews Of The ABH Norvina Palette Spill ALL The Purple Tea

The Glow Kit creators and brow slayers sure know how to keep a makeup junkie on their toes. Anastasia Beverly Hill's Norvina palette just made its grand entrance into the beauty sphere, and it's flooding social media. The dreamy shadow set that could even make the purple-obsessed legend Prince tremble already has so much hype surrounding it. So, you're forced to wonder if it really lives up to its internet fame.

In an age where a beauty influencer's opinion means everything to a makeup lover, you never have to blindly buy a product hoping that it will be what you expected. That's exactly what the good 'ol YouTube is for. The famed destination for finding out everything you need to know about a product, often before it even hits shelves, the social site is home to the best video reviews. For anyone looking to charter into the unfamiliar territory of newly-released makeup, the site is a quasi beauty bible that details whether or not a product is worth it.

That's why reviews of the Norvina palette are so necessary to watch. Beauty gurus are giving their unfiltered opinions on ABH's latest palette, and they'll help you decide if the brand deserves your 42 smackaroos.

1. Mcdrew

Leave it to Mcdrew and the Norvina palette deserves your investment. The beauty guru tried Norvina for herself, noting that it blends easily and has very minimal fallout. She was not only a fan of the pink and purple color scheme, but also thought the palette performed as expected.

2. AndThatsJacob

YouTuber AndThatsJacob professes to always keep it real, even if he is on Anastasia's PR list. He gives full deets on the palette's specs, even paying close attention to its packaging, shelf life, and whether or not it has a smell.

Jacob's opinion all boils down to this: he would "100 percent" recommend purchasing Norvina. He voices that ABH nailed Norvina's pigmentation and blendability, comparing its favorable formula to the brand's Soft Glam palette. Her purple highness even sparked his interest in doing a "one month, one palette" series where the guru would exclusively use Norvina for eyeshadow for 30 days. Jacob's only complaint was that the palette's velvety-suede exterior gets dirty easily, but that's certainly to be expected if you've ever owned an ABH palette before.

3. Princess Kae

The review that every person of color so desperately needed, Princess Kae gave her two cents on the palette as it pertains to melanin-rich skin. The influencer swatched each shade individually before even completing an eye look, crucial for testing whether or not shades perform well on deep skin.

Kae ultimately concluded that ABH and brand president Claudia Norvina Soare always deliver quality products that she dubbed as "amaze-balls". She gives the brand a thumbs up for creating a fun palette that also caters to deep skin tones, so needless to say, she'd vouch that the shadow set is worth it.

4. Rocio Cervantes

Rocio Cervantes is yet another reviewer that agrees Norvina could be deserving of your hard-earned coins. Completing two different looks, she does make note of specific colors that have more fall out, or "kick back" as she calls it. But overall she does not see the palette as a total waste. Its super pigmented shimmers, ability to blend effortlessly, and wearable color scheme are what makes Norvina a winner, in her opinion.

5. An Knook

Norvina reviewer An Knook dubbed the palette as one of the most gorgeous sets ABH has produced. However, she does point out a couple of shades that aren't completely as matte as they are advertised, and instead have subtle sparkle. She even gives a good look at which shades have noticeable fallout. But that doesn't stop her from viewing the palette as a worthy buy overall. Leave the decision up to An, and you'll be purchasing Norvina for its user-friendliness and beautiful shades.

6. MannyMUA

Top influencer MannyMua gives a full demo and review of Norvina that's sure to guide you in your decision of whether or not to purchase the new release. Try to keep up as the fast-talking guru is blown away from how intense the pigments swatch, noting that you don't have to use much product to get them to pop.

Although the perwinkle "Soul" is the hue he mentions takes more effort to blend (also duly noted by the majority of reviewers), he praises the palette for its quality. The MUA just cautions his followers on some of the more powdery shades. All things considered, his final verdict is that the palette is a "hit", given its unique color story and blendability.

7. Kelsee Briana Jai

If you've experienced using ABH's Soft Glam or Subculture palettes, Kelsee Briana Jai's review gives the perfect comparisons to those previous formulas. She concludes that the Norvina mattes aren't quite as flake-free as the buttery Soft Glam hues, but they're no where near as powdery as the Subculture palette that received so much criticism. Norvina simply falls somewhere in the middle, packing good pigment and swatching true to color. To get the most out of the palette, the guru advises using a base to hold the more powdery pigments in place and tapping your brush to dust off excess product so as to minimize fall out on your face makeup.

8. Brianna Fox

By now, you're probably well aware that most YouTubers like Brianna Fox consider Norvina to be a gorgeous shadow set. She creates such a stunning look with her purple majesty that you'll be convinced to snag the new release. Her video showcasing the palette is more of a demo than a review, but it gives the inside scoop on just how well the Norvina hues work together and blend into the skin.

9. Haylee Anise

You'll get the 411 on whether or not Norvina is worth a "cop" (AKA buying the palette) or if the new release is simply a "flop", thanks to Haylee Anise's review. She completes two different looks with the palette, one ethereal and subtle, and one colorfully bold.

Her tutorial is a testament that Norvina shows beautifully on deeper complexions, not to mention it's beyond pigmented. Although Haylee mentions that she wouldn't purchase it because she isn't a fan of cool tones, that shouldn't stop you from investing in Norvina. If for nothing else, this review proves it's a game-changer on the lids.

10. Beautification by Marta

The face behind the Beautification by Marta page is a fan of the Norvina palette. She cannot get enough of the intense pigment the shimmers possess and the smooth-feeling mattes are right up her alley. A smidgen of fallout aside, Marta said the palette is "so worth every penny". That's really all you need to hear when it comes to making a final decision.

So there you have it, Norvina fans. The overwhelming majority concluded that the purple palette is a must-have. There are precautions to take when using a few of the mattes per the reviewer's advise — not digging into the pans, refraining from blowing away the product, and doing your eye makeup before foundation so that you can clean up your look afterwards. Neverthless, the beauty reviewing community considers the palette to be an ABH success, having the formulation the brand is known for and standing in a beautiful, purple lane of its own.