Is The Red Swimsuit Instagram Promotion Real?

No, your eyes aren't fooling you. No, your friends did not ~all~ suddenly morph into Insta-worthy swim models overnight. And finally, no — your phone is not glitching (well, there goes that upgrade). What you are seeing is the latest digital plague: the great red swimsuit debacle. When Sunny Co Clothing posted a promotion on Instagram offering a free swimsuit— yes, the iconic red Pamela Sunny Suit — chaos ensued. Is this genius marketing or just human desire for freebies? Debate.

In exchange for reposting a photo of model decked out in ~the~ Pamela Sunny Suit, users would receive a promo code for their own red one-piece. Though the suit itself comes at no cost, users must still pay for shipping and handling — I don't want to be nitpicky here, but is that truly "free" then if we're still expected to chip in S&H? Philosophies aside, the promotion spread like rampant wild fire because, well... did I mention that it's "free" yet? The suit retails for a cool $64.99, after all.

At time of press, Sunny Co Clothing's promotion post has racked over 300k likes and they have since disabled comments. The now historic red one-piece has even infiltrated beyond the borders of Instagram, delving very well into Twitter and Facebook realms. No news feed was spared from the lethal Pamela Sunny Suit.

Twitter users gave new life to the words "red swimsuit".

And some had no problem dragging Sunny Co Clothing — no issue, whatsoever. And there's now even a parody Twitter in the mix!

Sunny Co Clothing released a statement via Instagram on Thursday that they will "make [their] best effort to honor [the] offer to the first 50,000 orders placed on Wednesday, May 3, 2017."

Condolences to those who will be Pamela-less at the pool this summer.