Jaclyn Hill Just Showed How Different Two Makeup Techniques Can Look & People Are Shook

YouTube beauty guru Jaclyn Hill is known for a lot of things. From her makeup skills to her relatable Snapchats to her smash hit Morphe palette, her name is well-known for beauty lovers. Now, Jaclyn Hill's matte versus highlight video could have some wondering whether one of her other signatures — her perennially gorgeous glow — could be saying goodbye. Say it isn't so, right?

Thankfully, that doesn't seem to be the case. But Hill did take to her YouTube channel to create a new challenge that's all about matte makeup versus a stunning glow. In her latest YouTube upload, Hill does half of her face using her most matte products and the other side using her most glow-creating goods.

In the video, Hill says that she was inspired to create the challenge after she had a dream in which she forgot to apply highlight to one side of her face.

"I kind of want to do half of my face the maximum, beautiful glow, and I want to do all matte everything on the other side," Hill says in the video. "I just want to see the difference of what it does to me face. Because we right now in the beauty industry are so obsessed with highlight that I take it to another level sometimes."

Obviously, Hill is correct when she mentions the beauty industry's obsession with highlighting. Some of the biggest beauty launches in the past few years have been based on achieving a stunning glow.

For instance, BECCA Cosmetics teamed up with Chrissy Teigen to craft a gorgeous palette of bronzer, blush, and highlight. That's after the brand already had enlisted Hill to craft the iconic Champagne Pop highlighter. Then, there's Fenty Beauty's Trophy Wife highlighter, a gorgeous, golden product that stands out in a collection of incredible complexion products.

Clearly, there's no shortage of glow in the beauty world, but is it the best look for everyone? Hill tested it out.


During the first part of the video, Hill focused completely on her complexion, adding different foundation finishes, powders, bronzers, and blushes. While the look isn't incredibly obvious on camera, the difference in the sides of her face soon become noticeable as she continues applying her makeup.

One of the most obvious differences in Hill's application is her eyes. To differentiate them, she used a shimmering shadow over her lid, highlighted both her inner corner and brow bone, and lined her lower lash line used a white shadow.

During the breakdown at the end of the video, Hill explains that highlighting is a win when it comes to her eyes. Not only does she assert that they look larger, but her brow also appears lifted.

When it comes to her face, however, it's a different story. Hill, the queen of a highlighted glow, says her signature look ages her. Shook, right?

Specifically, she felt that the highlight above her brow bone emphasized fine lines. Hill says her matte side may have looked more dull but youthful.

Does this mean Hill will stop highlighting? Probably not, but she does explain that it's going to change the way she does her makeup.

At the end of the video, Hill issued a call for other YouTubers to participate in the challenge. Could Hill have started a new viral sensation? Considering that's she has done it before with her "Ride of Die" favorites video, there's always the chance.

For now, though, Hill just deserves two thumbs up for not only creating a unique video, but for taking a trend and truly examining what it does to the face.