This Gym Bag Has A Ventilated Pocket For Shoes So Sweaty Sneakers Won't Cramp Your Style

Jemma Bag

People who commute with shoes in their bags know that doing so can be quite the ordeal. From having dirty soles touching your laptop to stinky sneaker smells enveloping your bag, it's not always a pleasant journey. But one brand is about to change all of that, where Jemma Bags have a ventilated pocket for your shoes. No more sweaty socks smells across your laptop and notebook — you can finally stop living like an animal.

The first bag in this shoe organizing collection is the Birdie bag, which has the silhouette of an overnight bag, and is created with Italian nylon and vegan leather details. This bag has thought of it all. It's big enough to store a 13 inch laptop, making it perfect for your work commute. It's so roomy that it can fit a good amount in the main pocket, including a water bottle and probably even a change of clothes. On the inside there are also a bevvy of different compartments, where you can store everything from credit cards in individual slots, to face creams, to sunglasses. The outside of the tote has a convenient pass through sleeve that secures your bag to a suitcase, but if you're not at the airport you can zip up the bottom of the sleeve and turn it into another exterior pocket. You also get a mini makeup bag with the purchase, letting you stash your lipsticks and foundations in a tidy spot.

But the most exciting part of this feature is the ventilated pocket for your shoes, which is found on the bottom of the bag and accessed via a separate zipper. Just watch the video below to see the tote in action.

Not only is it vegan but it is also water-resistant, meaning your bag and your items won't get ruined if you get caught in the rain while waiting for your train. It also comes in five different colorways — black and brown, all black, brown, green, or navy — giving you lots of options when it comes to taste.

Even more exciting (I know, hold tight,) is that there is another version of this bag, just super-sized. It's the brand's travel tote called "Jackie," and it holds a whopping three pairs of shoes in its ventilated pocket. You heard that right. Three. Pairs. Of. Shoes.

Not only will those be stored far away from your other carry-on packed essentials — meaning your boots won't dirty your folded knits — but they will also get to have fresh air ventilated through, making sure the bag doesn't smell when you finally open it up. It's a total game changer. It also meets carry-on requirements and can be easily stowed underneath a plane seat, so it's a traveler's ideal tote.

The inspiration behind the weekender is charming, too, where it's modeled after Jackie Kennedy. "Inspired by Jackie Kennedy’s style – Jackie is the ideal weekender/travel companion that serves a jet setting lifestyle perfectly while exuding an understated elegance," the product description reads.

Whether you get the one-shoe version or splurge to get a bag that can lug around a jumble of shoes is up to you. Just know you will never have to struggle with gym shoe smells ever again.