This $42 Lotion Is The Secret To J.Lo's Radiant Skin

Scott Barnes

Even though Jennifer Lopez didn't attend the 2020 Oscars ceremony (ICYMI, the Academy failed to recognize her portrayal of stripper-turned-kingpin Ramona in Hustlers), she still stepped out later that night looking — in typical J.Lo fashion — sparkly and glowy from head to toe.

"Jennifer’s dress was an inspiration, and it was all about creating pretty skin and a shimmery wet eye," says her makeup artist of 20 years, Scott Barnes, who created her look. He adds that star brought in inspiration photos so the pair could decide on the vibe they wanted to go for.

This particular look was all about J.Lo's skin and eyes, adds Barnes, who mixed the original and platinum formulas of his Body Bling shimmering body lotion and rubbed it all over her skin.

When it came to her eyes, Barnes applied shimmery purple and silver shades from his Colour Bomb palette, but he says it's easy to make the look less dramatic even if you're not walking a red carpet à la J.Lo. "You can always go without [fake lashes] or choose more neutral eyeshadow colors," he says.

Scott Barnes

While she may have a massive glam squad responsible for creating her head-to-toe look, even J.Lo does her own final touch-ups before she walks out the door.

Scott Barnes

"She always sees little details," says Barnes, "and will take a brush and go in with eyeshadow or with a foundation brush to blend certain spots."