John Legend & Chrissy Teigen’s Relationship Wasn’t Love At First Sight, But It All Clearly Worked Out

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As far as celebrity couples go, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are definitely one of the most open. They've shared so much of their lives (and their kids') with their fans on social media, and now, they're sharing the story of how they met and fell in love — even if they couldn't call it "love" right away. In an interview with Access on Monday, Legend admitted it wasn't love at first sight with Teigen, but obviously, in the end, it all worked out anyway.

The conversation was inspired by Sunday night's episode of Family Feud, where Teigen and Legend's family played against the cast of Vanderpump Rules. On the show, host Steve Harvey asked the couple about their love story, and Teigen went into detail in a way Legend wasn't expecting while telling him what happened after they filmed his video for "Stereo" in 2006, which is where they met. "We did the video, and then we had sex," Teigen said, and Legend cut her off there.

But on Access, he had a second chance to tell the story, and he admitted that it did start with a bit of "instant chemistry." "It was at least lust at first sight for both of us and then, you know, obviously it developed in that day and that moment,” Legend said. "We had instant chemistry that day and then we started dating not long after that and here we are, married with two kids."

Legend went on to say that although their connection was strong at first, the beginning of their relationship consisted of a ton of traveling together, since they didn't live in the same place. He said:

Teigen and Legend still travel a lot now that they're married and living in the same home. In fact, earlier this month, their whole family was in Paris together, so it seems like those traditions from the beginning of their relationship have definitely carried over.

Legend and Teigen may not have had love at first sight, but the love between them grew as they spent more time together, and that's what really counts. In the 13 years since that first date, they've come so far — and they've given the rest of us an adorable relationship to gush over on Instagram.