Jules From 'Summer House' Has The Strongest Instagram Game

Jules Daoud on Summer House
Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

It seems that everyone's Instagram is a little bit curated these days, but Summer House star Jules Daoud really takes her Instagram to a whole new level. Looking at it is like reading a magazine editorial or spending the day with the Kardashians. There's not a hair out of place and everything she posts is enviably aspirational.

Jules is new to being a Summer House star but not new to being a star in general. Her Instagram exists as a showcase of her brand Simply Jules, which she started back in 2013, according to her Bravo bio and quickly grew into one of the most popular fashion and lifestyle blogs. Now Jules has taken her content creating skills to help other people with their own brands as a freelance social media marketer, per her LinkedIn. She's selling what she can do for a brand's social media channels, so it makes sense that her own has to be impeccable. And it really, really is.

Honestly, you may not even want to look lest you be overcome by jealousy of the life Jules is making it look like she lives 24/7. If all you ever saw was her Instagram you'd think she did nothing but travel, wear expensive shoes, eat all her food in attractive flat-lays, and take selfies just out of bed that look absolutely flawless. Reality TV isn't always real, but Summer House may actually be the best way to get to know a version of Jules that isn't curated within an inch of its life.

Here's what we know about Jules according to what she wants us to know about her via Instagram.

She Vacations Often

"Ran off to my hidden sanctuary for the weekend," she captioned this dreamy pool pic.

Her Decor Is Pinterest-Worthy

Who doesn't have a plant ladder in their home?

She's Always In A Pair Of Glitzy Heels

She's basically Carrie Bradshaw.

She Has An Extensive Jewelry Collection

Featuring Tiffany, Hermès, and all the usuals.

Her Clothing Collection Is Minimalistic Yet Effortlessly Glam

Jules' Instagram has a sort of black and white neutral theme to it, so of course her wardrobe does too.

Flat Lays For Days

Flat lays of coffee, books, shrimp, magazines — you name it.

She Woke Up Like This


Even Her #SponCon Is On Theme

She once posted the most artistic looking skinny tea ad ever.

Get to know the real Jules — or at least the Jules away from Instagram — on Summer House starting Feb. 5 on Bravo.