Kate Middleton's Easter Outfit Broke A Major Fashion Rule — And You'll Want To Take Notes

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Kate Middleton's maternity style has been one to watch ever since news broke she would be welcoming her third child into the royal family. Forever dressed to the nines in the classiest garb, the Duchess always seems to stick to the royal rules. But Kate Middleton's Easter outfit broke a major fashion taboo, proving the Duchess doesn't necessarily follow every guideline to a T.

When you're British royalty, you don't just roll out of bed and throw on clothes all willy nilly. Your wardrobe is curated carefully so as not to break strict royal protocols. That's right, royals must follow fashion etiquette rules that say women must opt for clutches over purses, legs can never be bare, and even a coat must be worn at all times before the public. That would explain why Kate Middleton is always wearing a coat indoors — a trend that Meghan Markle is now following, too.

Photographed on Easter joining her family at St. George's Chapel in Windsor, England for Sunday service, Middleton's ensemble fell in line with the Queen's orders. Although she was rocking her usual, a super trendy coat, she challenged a fashion taboo with her head-to-toe color choices.

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Your eyes are not deceiving you. Kate Middleton actually mixed black and brown in her Easter getup, defying the unwritten rule that one must not combine both neutrals in the same look.

Just like the claims that you can't mix gold and silver metals or you shouldn't combine prints like stripes and polka dots, there is a common belief that one must avoid pairing black and brown together. But some rules were meant to broken, something that Kate Middleton knows how to do so stylishly.

Cameras caught the Duchess rocking a chic, black coat, adorned with pleats and pearl embellishments, with a dark brown hat that featured a mega side bow. The polarizing neutrals may have gone against the grain, but this was a prime example of how shattering fashion taboos can surely pay off.

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Bringing the black and brown together tastefully, Middleton accented her outfit with just a touch of nude. She wore flesh-toned pumps and a coordinating clutch that seemed to bring the outfit full circle. Considering how stunning the soon-to-be mother of three looked, you would've hardly noticed that she was mixing black and brown in the first place. The pairing looked effortlessly chic on the Duchess, who was all smiles in every photo captured.

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Now that the word is out about her fashion faux pa gone oh so right, it likely won't be long before royal family fanatics are combining the two neutrals à la Kate Middleton. In fact, the exact pieces draping her baby bump so beautifully, or similar styles, just may sell out amongst retailers in the coming weeks. That's just how much style influence the Duchess has, and a simple, but sophisticated look like this is almost guaranteed to appeal to the masses.

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This may really be the last time we see Kate Middleton before she introduces her bundle of joy to the world, considering she's already a little over eight months pregnant. She reportedly made her last planned public appearance on Mar. 22, so letting her baby bump see the light of day this past Easter was quite the stylish surprise.

If this is indeed the last time we'll see Middleton sans the new baby, at least she's going out with a bang. The royal fashion icon is proof that you can bend the rules and still look pretty darn fab while doing it.

Besides, fashion is all about self-expression and wearing what makes you feel confident. If mixing all the wrong pieces, prints, or hues is what makes you happy, then the trendsetting Duchess herself just gave you permission do so.