Kesha Is Celebrating Her Freckles As Her New Year's Resolution & Her Words About Them Are SO Refreshing

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, there is always a trend to become more body positive and forgiving of your perceived flaws in the beginning of the year, and Kesha is the newest celebrity to take up that practice in 2019. Kesha made a New Year's resolution to accept her freckles, making this year a more accepting and loving one when it comes to appreciating the reflection in the mirror.

The artist went on Instagram and posted a bare faced photo of herself, sharing her plans with her 2.9 million followers (who just might keep her more accountable to follow through with the self-love journey.) With her freckles in full force and not a stitch of foundation on, the artist wrote in the caption, "this year my resolution is to love myself... just as I am, all f***ed up and imperfect and whatever else. And to let my freckles liiiiiiiive." Kesha's resolution isn't just to become accepting of her appearance, but to fully accept the person that she is, inside and out. Which makes sense, because if you love the person you are on the inside, it's easier to accept how you look on the outside. It's a domino effect.

The post has gathered nearly 450 thousand likes, and fans cheered her on in the comments section, loving her new outlook. "Had no idea you even had freckles K, but they’re cute as all hell. You go and rock them πŸ‘Œ" one fan wrote. "Yessss our freckles are wonderful and I'm so glad our world is realizing this!" another posted.

The Instagram image tagged Vittorio Masecchia, who is a celeb and editorial makeup artist. That probably means that Kesha isn't as makeup-free as we thought in the photo β€” which, really, is even more inspirational. If she went under the brushes and sponges of a makeup artist and asked them to preserve her face full of freckles, that means she's committed to embracing them rather than hiding them behind foundation and concealer.

A quick spin through Masecchia's Instagram shows that he's one of Kesha's long-term makeup artists β€” where the singer makes multiple appearances on his grid β€” and he's something of an expert when it comes to highlighting, rather than hiding, people's freckles. From editorial shoots, to runway looks, to a few past photos of Kesha herself, Masecchia has a bevy of photos that show he likes to keep freckles prominent and uncovered.

Kesha isn't the first celebrity to embrace her freckles recently. Meghan Markle famously shared that she never lets makeup artists hide her freckles underneath makeup, opting for a more natural look. Christina Aguilera also flaunted her freckles on the cover of Paper Magazine last spring, sharing, "I'm at the place, even musically, where it's a liberating feeling to be able to strip it all back and appreciate who you are and your raw beauty."

This year is going to be the year of the au naturel look, and many are so on board with that.