Kim K. Just Revealed Her Holy Grail Beauty Product & It Might Surprise You

Kim Kardashian West has many beauty signatures. The reality star and KKW Beauty makeup mogul is known for her smoky eyes, nude 'n' glossed lips, statement lashes, defined brows, and those contoured facial angles. However, Kim Kardashian revealed the makeup product she can't live without in a fun and adorbs holiday makeup tutorial that she filmed for her pals at Vogue.

Not only did Kardashian share her Holy Grail and her "go to" viral holiday look — a smoky but slightly glitzy eye paired with contoured cheeks and '90s nude lips in the Vogue video. She also shared some of her own hacks and those she has picked up from one of your favorite beauty influencers, too.

The tutorial is just over 10 minutes long but I promise it'll fly by when you watch it. You will walk away from it with soooo many useful tips and tricks that you can and should try next time you do your makeup aka tomorrow morning.

Here are all of the critical tidbits populating this tutorial.

Kardashian applies products like a champ. At the end, she says that she isn't a makeup artist and never claims to be. But this video might change both your mind and hers. It's time to change her unofficial title to "MUA."

In addition to moisturizing and applying concealer all over her face and including her eyelids, Kim then proceeds to conceal, bake, brighten, and contour.

Kim also reveals she likes even her lips to look nude and concealed while applying products. She prefers to work with a fully nude base. As for that one core product that she cannot live without? The product may surprise you.

"This is the brighten," she shares. "It is honestly, like, the best. It is the key to my Armenian dark under eye circle success. I couldn't live without it." The brightening powder is what helps her control her under eye issues and discoloration.

Ready for some additional key reveals?

KKW says that she always needs her under eyes "smoked" — even if she is doing a light eye look — because she feels naked without a smoky lashline. It gives her eye that halo look.

Kardashian also labels herself "a messy mascara girl" who likes her mascara to look clumpy and messy. She also layers and mixes her two favorites — Lancome Hypnose Doll Lash, which came in a personalized tube just for her, and Charlotte Tilbury's Legendary Lashes.

Another bombshell dropped by Kim K. in this klip? Her lashes are natural, not extensions. She even pulls her lid to show that they are the real deal. BTW, that glittery sheen comes from dabbing some Stila on her lids.

She also confesses that she loves '90s glam, namely a brown lip. Since Kardashian grew up during decade, her fondness for a dark lip makes sense.

Finally, KKW shared a major tip she learned from influencer Nikkie Tutorials. Always, always contour the tip of your nose and go over top of the tip of your nose, too.

Oh, and don't forget to properly clean off the back of your hand with a makeup wipe. When doing your makeup, you very likely used your hand to mix and blend some product or to even swatch some shades to make a decision on which to use. Be sure and wipe away those test swipes.

Ta-da! Here is the final look. Smoky and glitzy, indeed.

Here's the full video. Seriously, you guys! It's the quickest, most informative 10 minutes. Plus, you will pick up a lot of hacks, tips, and learn to do your makeup like Kim Kardashian — a newly-minted MUA.