This T-Shirt Shows You Who Actually Made Your Shirt & The Reason Why Is So Important

Do you know who made the shirt you are wearing? Not the brand or the store you bought it, but the person whose hands crafted the fabric together. Odds are that you probably don't. This brand is out to change that one shirt at a time. Known Supply's "I Know Who Made This Shirt" Tee has the signature of the maker inside, so you can join the fashion revolution.

The connection between buyer and maker is a blurred one. Typically, people buy clothing from a brand that designs the shirt. Not the person whose hands weave it together. In honor of Fashion Revolution week, Known Supply created a shirt that starts a conversation about Fair Trade with just one sentence — "I know who made this shirt."

"As consumers we are largely disconnected from where our products are made and who makes them," Travis Hartanov, co-founder of Known Supply tells Bustle. "As a culture we have prioritized cheap prices and fast trends over an awareness for how those goods were produced. The result is unfair working conditions and a standard of living for garment producers that leaves them far short of being able to flourish or accomplish the dreams they have for their families. It’s time for change."

For the brand, the change comes with every single item. Each shirt comes with the hand-written signature from the maker. The idea is to bring awareness to the person that you don't get to see.

It's bigger than just raising awareness though. The shirt was created in honor of Fashion Revolution Week, which is from April 22 to the 28. Five years ago, 1138 people died in a clothing factory due to a building collapse in what is called the Rana Plaza tragedy. The working conditions were reportedly unsafe, the workers were not being paid fairly, and people were pumping out as much clothing as fast as they could at little cost.

Fashion Revolution Week is about raising awareness of these conditions, and Known Supply's shirt is about starting the conversation.

"We are revolutionizing the fashion industry by humanized it," says Hartanov. "The fashion industry has become nameless and faceless and we are putting an end to this by connecting the people who make our clothes to the people who wear them."

The slogan for the shirt goes hand in hand with Fashion Revolution's 2018 campaign #whomademyshirt. The organization is urging people to ask each other and brands the question to open the conversations up.

"The more people who ask #whomademyclothes, the more brands will listen," the website reads. "Use your voice and your power to change the fashion industry. Together we are stronger."

This is not just a one-shirt conversation though. Every item that KNOWN SUPPLY offers has the signature of the maker inside it. The Fair Trade, human-centered brand also sources all of their fabrics from Peru. The brand only works with people and places that they completely trust with it's people-first mission.

"We believe in the power of connecting people. Ignorance and apathy are no longer options. It’s a human rights issue and we have a responsibility to know our clothing is ethically sourced and that those making it are cared for," Hartanov tells Bustle. "As more of us put people at the top of our purchasing decisions list, the clothing industry will too. Together, we will change the lives of the millions of impoverished people who are a part of it."

Known Supply also recently launched their Naturals collection, which only uses 100 percent sustainable materials and is Global Organic Textile Certified. Basically, the brand is going above and beyond to make sure that what you're wearing is as ethically made as possible.

What you wear is about more than just how it looks. Fashion is a collaborative process with real people involved every step of the way. Together we can start a revolution, and it's as easy as buying a shirt and talking about it.