This Is How The Jordyn & Tristan Scandal Played Out On 'KUWTK'

On this week's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, viewers finally see the season's biggest drama play out in real time. A heartbroken Khloé finds out that Kylie's BFF, Jordyn Woods, has reportedly hooked up with Tristan Thompson. Each of the Kardashians have some strong words for Jordyn and Tristan — but it's Kris Jenner's forceful commentary that best sums up how the Kardashian family reacted to the Jordyn-Tristan scandal.

Kim's friend Larsa Pippen first introduces the scandal, calling Kim to say a reporter she knows is writing a story about Tristan and Jordyn allegedly hooking up. Kim reaches out to her sisters to gather information, and Kylie, Khloé, and Kris all speak on the phone with Jordyn at various points. Jordyn gives a few different versions of events, first claiming she can't remember whether or not she and Tristan kissed, and later saying they did. She is adamant — as she was in her Red Table talk — that Tristan was the one to initiate.

For Kris, the first red flag about Jordyn's behavior is the fact that she didn't reach out to the family after it happened. Kris says she texted Jordyn before hearing the news, and never heard back. Kris finds that curious: if Jordyn hadn't done anything wrong, why wouldn't she be calling Kris back, desperate to tell her side of the story?

As Kris puts it, everyone knows what Tristan's capable of — but no one would've expected this from Jordyn. Kris describes a heated phone call with Jordyn, in which she tells Jordyn how "damaged" Khloe is from her behavior, how wrong she was, and how she needs to call Khloe and apologize. Kim and Kourtney seem similarly shocked that Jordyn would be capable of this, telling Khloé, that it's okay to be angry and emphasizing how much the family has given to Jordyn over the years. Jordyn has been a great friend, Kris acknowledges: and that's exactly why this news is so devastating.

The episode shows more than the family's anger with Jordyn: It gives new insight into Khloé and Tristan's relationship at that time. Both Kim and Kris comment sadly how hard Khloé had worked to move past Tristan's last cheating incident and how badly she wanted their relationship to work out for the sake of their daughter, True. Khloé mentions several times in the episode — before hearing the Jordyn rumors — that she's looking forward to Tristan's upcoming visit and that she misses him.

At the time of the alleged Jordyn incident, the episode suggests, Khloé really thought she and Tristan were on the right path. This may account for why she publicly defended Tristan (and condemned Jordyn) on Twitter in the days following.

In an emotional scene with Scott Disick, Khloé reveals just how messy the dynamic between her and Tristan became after the Jordyn news broke. Tristan has been texting and calling Khloé saying how bad he feels about what he's done and threatening to hurt himself — to the extent that Khloé sends a friend to check on him and report back. Scott seems truly upset to see Khloé in this state — heartbroken for herself, but unable to separate herself from caring about Tristan's wellbeing.

This week's episode showed Khloé numb and reeling from shock, mourning a relationship much more complicated than it seemed from the outside. Meanwhile, her family flew into a rage over Jordyn's unexpected betrayal — and in the teaser for next week, it looks like Khloé will be tapping into some of that rage herself.

Jordyn's behavior may have been the bigger shock for the Kardashian family, but clearly Khloé was holding on to hope that Tristan could change. Khloé's family may be most hurt by Jordyn going against them; but Khloé is most hurt by the knowledge that she and Tristan are really over.