Kristin Davis' Touching Goodbye To 'Sex & The City' Will Warm Your Heart

Stewart F. House/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Friday, Sept. 29, Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed to Extra that there will be no third Sex and the City movie. On Saturday, Sept. 30, Kristin Davis' posted her reaction to the Sex and the City 3 cancellation on Instagram and it is a must-read. The actor, who played Charlotte York for seven seasons and two films waved goodbye to the Sex and the City franchise with the sweetest message. Rumors of Sex and the City 3 have swirled since the critically-panned sequel hit theaters in 2010, but fans can officially hang up their Manolos. Davis played Charlotte York Greenblatt in both the HBO series and the two feature films in the franchise.

In her heartfelt goodbye to Charlotte, Davis wrote a lengthy thank you note to the series' longtime fans. Davis posted two photos of her longtime character, with the caption: "I love to look back at the pics from our LONG history of Sex and the City. I am incredibly lucky to have gotten to play Charlotte through all of her ups and downs," before confirming that the third film would not be happening. Sex and the City ended its run in 2004 after seven seasons. It was followed by the Sex and the City movie in 2008, and a critically-panned sequel in 2010. Had the film commenced shooting in 2017, the earliest possible release date would be late 2018. That would mean the follow-up to would be released 14 years after the series finale aired, and eight years after the first sequel hit theaters, but fans still wanted more of Carrie (Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte, and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon).

Parker told Extra: "We had this beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable script and story. It’s not just disappointing that we don’t get to tell the story and have that experience, but more so for that audience that has been so vocal in wanting another movie.” Since then, the actors and fans have voiced their disappointment about the cancellation of the third film. Rumors swirled about Cattrall being the reason for the cancellation, to which she responded on Twitter, confirming that she opted out of doing movie No. 3.

Early in 2017, Cattrall told People that, "There’s nothing concrete," to the film, adding, "There’s no script," and barely even an "idea." Davis' effusive Instagram post says otherwise. After her lovely thank you to the series' fans, Davis wrote that "It is deeply frustrating not to able to share that chapter (beautifully written by MPK)." MPK, or Michael Patrick King, wrote the bulk of premieres and episodes for Sex and the City, and directed both film adaptations. Whether that script exists and what stories it contains will remain unknown. Nixon is the only member of the cast to not make a statement about Sex and the City 3. In 2015, Nixon told The Guardian that audiences "don’t need another Sex and the City" movie.

The four main actors have been busy with many projects since Sex and the City 2 was released in 2010. Parker recently returned to HBO to star in the TV series Divorce. Nixon recently starred in the film The Only Living Boy In New York and it seems like she has considered running for governor of New York. Cattrall has starred in the HBO Canada series Sensitive Skin.

Even without a third film, it's not "goodbye" to Sex and the City. It's just see you later. Obviously, the actresses who brought the core four to life care deeply about the characters and the franchise's overall integrity. While Davis, ever the Charlotte, was excited for the opportunity, movie No. 3 is a no-go for now. Since Parker, Davis, and Cattrall have all publicly confirmed the Sex and the City 3 cancellation, it's safe to wave goodbye to the foursome forever.