Kylie Jenner Wore A Backstreet Boys Tee & Showed How To Make A Childhood Shirt Look Edgy AF

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner was born in 1997. While she may have missed most of the decade's fashion and music simply because she was far too young to have truly experienced it, that doesn't mean she can't relive it via the rampant nostalgia for the decade. Kylie Jenner's Backstreet Boys tee is proof of that. She took a shirt and a band from another era and made it look edgy AF, which is par for the course with this fashion and beauty rebel.

Jenner wore the baggy white tee tucked into a super tight, black leather corset skirt by Epuzer, according to Harper's Bazaar. Her dominatrix-y skirt costs a whopping $620 and it's made of intertwined leather strips. It's designed to accentuate the waist and the bust.

But what about Jenner's bedazzled BSB tee? Well, that thing is priceless.

It features the visages of the Kevin Richardson, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, and Howie Dorough, along with sparkly lettering.

The retro tee and the super sexy corset skirt were an unexpected but effective pairing. Jenner rolled up the loose-fitting sleeves and the slight volume of the top balanced out the skintight, curve-accentuating skirt.

The exact origin of Jenner's tee is unknown. Is it a vintage find unearthed during her world travels? Thrifted? Poshmarked? A legit relic lifted from one of Kourtney, Kim, or Khloe Kardashian's storage closets?

Regardless, you can grab one of your own from a variety of accessible retailers and style it similarly. You need not go on thrifting excursion to track one down. If you want to rock a different '90s act other than BSB, that's perfectly acceptable, too. You can pair any classic '90s tee with a pencil or lace up skirt.

So, yeah, Jenner just launched an entirely new way to rock an old school boy band tee.

Here are some quick and affordable pieces to will allow you to recreate this bold and sultry look with your own unique flair.

1. Beat Up BSB Tee

2. *NSYNC Tee

3. White Retro BSB Tee

4. Logo Tee

5. Spanx Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

6. Buckle Detail Skirt

7. Vinyl Double Lace Up Skirt

8. Epuzer Dravit Skirt

If classic BSB or even Justin Bieber, Britney, or Xtina tees are somehow, some way buried at the bottom of a drawer or safely stored somewhere in your closet, drag them out. Raid your big sister's closet — with permission of course — and allow these types of tops a second chance. Give them a new fashion lease on life.

You can totally sexify the retro tops with a black leather or leather-like skirt a la Kylie Jenner. The "worn in" nature of an old tee juxtaposed with a strong, structured skirt is so effortlessly chic. It's an excellent mashup of sporty and sexy and of cute and tough. It's also a wonderful way to "recycle."

You can expect this trend grow even more in 2019. You may have very well found your new "GNO," date night, or party ensemble. Thanks, Kylie.