Kylie Jenner's Hair At Kanye West's Coachella Sunday Service Was Decorated With Crosses

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Over the last couple of months, Kanye West has started top-secret, celebrity-heavy Sunday services in nondescript locations around California. On April 21, West brought the service to Coachella, and Kylie Jenner's hair at West's Sunday service was right on theme. The service was a mix between an Easter service and a West concert. The rapper sang on top of a hill with gospel singers surrounding him, and they sang church songs, new music, and some of his hits. Jenner came ready to the concert, where she wore an all white outfit and a braid with crucifixes to match.

The Coachella service used hip-hop, house music, and soul, and intermingled the styles with religious songs. But what does one wear to a service-slash-festival-event? Jenner walked the line expertly, where she wore a white midi dress, white trainers, and a long braid decorated with religious relics.

The braid was engineered by celebrity hairstylist Cesar Ramirez, who is the long-time stylist of Jenner and the Kardashians. According to Ramirez, the hair was inspired by Jenner's festival look. "She was wearing a simple earth-toned dress, so I wanted to keep the hair simple but interesting – ethereal and beautiful," Ramirez shares with Bustle.

To create this look, Ramirez slicked Jenner's hair into a mid-crown ponytail using IGK Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm. The balm is a leave-in conditioner that helps to boost hydration and detangle hair.

After the prep-work was done, Ramirez then attached a 22” Wildform ponytail and braided it using Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel for both hold and that slicked-back look. While the braid is both simple and elegant, Jenner's hair is noteworthy because of the charms threaded throughout her hair.

Since the beauty mogul was attending a Sunday service, Ramirez decided to decorate Jenner's hair appropriately. Ramirez used two charms from his soon-to-be-dropped hair line, Wildform, and decorated Jenner's locks in hair jewels. One such charm was the glass crosses, which was chosen because the venue and event called for something spiritual. The second style of charms were discs made of natural sea shells and coconut shells. They dotted the braid as well, and had a vague look of wafers.

To finish, Ramirez sprayed the whole look with a little Intern Flexible Hairspray to keep it all in place. While the Sunday service look was top notch, Jenner had a lot of interesting outfits for Coachella this year. Each look was radically different from the last.

For example, when the beauty mogul arrived on the festival grounds on Day 2 with her boyfriend, Travis Scott, Jenner wore a surprisingly laid back outfit. She wore denim-on-denim, where the jeans and jacket had white, hippie-inspired swirls. Jenner topped off the look with a bucket hat.

On Day 3, Jenner completely shook things up. Jenner wore a diamanté mini dress with matching opera gloves, going in a shimmering sartorial direction. Jenner accented the mini look with a yellow Gelareh Mizrahi purse, which is a micro-handbag.

A week later, Jenner arrived to the festival grounds with an Easter-inspired look, showing she doesn't subscribe to just one style. While the Sunday service outfit was simple, you have to appreciate Jenner's commitment to the theme.