Here's What Liam Hemsworth Had To Say About Having Kids With Miley Cyrus

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First comes love, next comes marriage, then comes Liam Hemsworth with a baby carriage? According to the actor himself, that's a route that he and his wife, Miley Cyrus, just might take sometime in the future. Liam Hemsworth opened up about having kids with Miley Cyrus, according to Entertainment Tonight, and revealed just how many children he'd like to have one day.

In an interview with GQ Australia for the publication's May/June issue, Hemsworth discussed his relationship with Cyrus, whom he recently wed back in December. Naturally, the topic then turned to whether the two would take another big step in their relationship by having children. When asked about the topic, the Isn't it Romantic? actor said that they would have kids together "one day." He continued to say that they wouldn't be adding to their family anytime soon, especially as they have their hands full with all of their many pets. He said:

"Once we don’t have so many dogs. You couldn’t bring a baby into our house right now. But one day, we’ll know when it’s right. But right now? Not for the time being."

As for how many kids he's envisioning, Hemsworth told GQ Australia that he hopes to have "10, 15, maybe 20." I wonder what Cyrus has to say about that major number?

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In December, shortly after it was revealed that they exchanged vows, a a "Cyrus source" told People that the couple aren't planning on having children anytime in the near future, which aligns with Hemsworth's recent comments. “They both love kids, but they’re not in a rush to start a family," they told the publication.

Back in November, weeks before they got married, a source connected to the couple addressed the topic of children once more. "Miley and Liam are totally in love, and are so happy living together," they told Entertainment Tonight, "They are not married but often laugh at the idea that people believe they are secretly wed. They refer to each other as husband and wife all he time and their friends laugh."

The source continued to say, "They do talk about a wedding and kids all the time, but they are in no rush." While they're not in a rush to have babies, the couple did take an impromptu walk down the aisle in December. As previously mentioned, Hemsworth and Cyrus got married on Dec. 23 in a "small ceremony" with their closest friends and family present, according to the BBC.

Since their Malibu home was sadly lost in the California wildfires of November 2018, they held their ceremony in the "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" singer's home in Franklin, Tennessee. Cyrus and Hemsworth later confirmed the news by posting numerous photos of their special day on Instagram, including one that the Hunger Games actor captioned with a touching, "My love."

In his own words, Hemsworth and Cyrus may not be having children anytime in the near future. But, regardless of whether they have kids soon or not, it clear that the newly married duo are simply content with where their relationship is at the moment, which is really all that matters.