The Internet Is Loving LUSH's LGBTQ V-Day Campaign

by Teresa Newsome

I'm crushing hard on LUSH Cosmetics at the moment. This time it's not because I live and die by the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (I do), but because the LUSH Cosmetics Valentine's Day campaign is so LGBTQ inclusive that my big 'ole lesbian heart can't even take it. Sometimes brands will toss a few of us queers in there for good measure, while most are too fearful of the backlash. Not LUSH. They went in. The photos that accompany their Valentine's Day products feature queer couples in the bathtub, and they're pure depictions of love.

Sometimes it can seem like brands and advertisers use photos of gay couples to insight controversy (and clicks) but there's none of that vibe in the LUSH Cosmetics Valentine's Day campaign. It feels like regular couples doing regular, loving couple stuff. It feels like LUSH understands that there are plenty of loving queer couples in the world who do normal, everyday couple things, and that it's OK. More than OK. It's beautiful. This is how you help make the world a better, safer place for all of us non-hetero folks. Oh, and if the adorable couples weren't enough for you, the collection features a unicorn horn bubble bar. Unicorns and gays. I can't even.

One of the photos from the campaign featured these two adorable lovebirds in the tub enjoying a laugh and a bath bomb. Of course, since the world is full of naysayers, there was some backlash. But LUSH made the perfect statement poking fun at the people ridiculous enough to be mad:

Big tubs! They do exist! I love this response from LUSH, because it's kind of like "we don't have time for the haters," while also being deliciously tongue-in-cheek.

The other photo from the campaign features two women in the same sitch.

Bubble beard! My heart! They also dedicated the Facebook post featuring this photo to the people who rocked out the Women's March:

Those hashtags, though! After pouring over this campaign for far too long, I only have one thing left to say: Dear LUSH: Shut up and take my money.

The Internet agrees.

So cute. There really aren't enough rainbow or heart emojis in the world.

I understand these feels. Well, not the ones abut not buying before, because I have. But I understand the "OMG YOU GO!"

It's giving me life, too! Big, shiny, rainbow life!

Lots of LUSH love out there. I think this campaign is only going to add to the LUSH love.

LUSH has used ththe "#loveislove" hashtag on several of their posts, but it never gets old.

Oh, and just for good measure, here's that unicorn bubble bar I mentioned.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, $7.95,

You can check out the rest of the line at the official LUSH Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection page. Just be warned: there's a lot of adorableness there. And a lot of queerness. And a lot of smelly good, shiny stuff. So many ways to feel good on one page.

Images: Courtesy Brand