Lush Is Launching 20 New Fragrances Including Some Fan Favorites

Lush's 20 new Body Spray fragrances launch Dec. 26.
Courtesy of Lush

When it comes to cult-classic products, Lush has quite a few. From the brand's famous Sleepy Lotion to the goods the brand has made permanent thanks to fan outcry, Lush knows how to create products its customers love. Now, Lush's 20 new fragrances are on their way, and the body sprays include smells inspired by everything from fan favorite bath bombs to body lotions to shower gels.

Back in May 2018, the North American arm of Lush announced that a fan favorite UK only product would be making its way stateside. That product turned out to be the brand's body sprays. While stateside Lushies have been able to shop the brand's perfume for years now, the body sprays were a different story. That changed last year when the brand launched familiar smells like Twilight and and Rose Jam. Now, Lush is adding even more to the body spray collection with more products inspired by fan favorite smells and some of its most popular products.

On Dec. 26, Lush will drop 20 new fragrances to join its existing lineup The brand has adapted a scent from nearly every product category it sells to create sprays that can be used on the body or even as pillow sprays for your bedding. From the floral rose scent of the Sex Bomb bath bomb to the honey vanilla aroma of the Honey I Washed The Kids shower gel, Lush's post-Christmas launch has something for nearly every Lushie.

Courtesy of LUSH

With the Dec. 26 launch date, Lush fans will have a good way to spend their gifted Christmas cash or Lush gift cards, but if you aren't as familiar with some of the new scents, don't worry. All 20 of the body sprays will launch in store on Jan. 3. However, keep in mind that your local Lush will have limited availability.

However, there's even good news there. Since the new sprays are inspired by existing Lush goods, all you have to do is find the matching products in store. Not sure with Big smells like? Go find the sea salt shampoo in store and give it a whiff. Even if all 20 smells aren't at your disposal in your Lush store, you can discover if the scent is for you.

Grab one of Lush's new fragrances if you're searching for a new signature scent for 2020.