MAC's New Lip Glosses Taste JUST Like Your Favorite Desserts

Chances are that when you were younger and first growing curious about your mom's makeup drawer, one of your first makeup purchases was lip gloss. And one of the best things about gloss back then was that it tasted just like candy. Well, MAC is bringing that magic back into our adulthoods. MAC has a dessert lip gloss collection called Oh, Sweetie lip glosses, and you're going to be hard pressed to limit yourself to just one.

If you started to dabble with lippies when you were 12, then you know just how your makeup bag looked: It was crammed full of Dr. Pepper and strawberry short cake chap sticks, and mixed in with vanilla flavored and cherry bomb lip glosses. Swiping on those products was more for the fun of it than the color, but the new Oh, Sweetie collection delivers both.

Tasting like an assortment of desserts at your favorite neighborhood bakery, you get 15 different flavors to choose from, spoiling you for choice. And these hues are pigmented. This isn't your usual colorful gloss that swipes on sheer — they basically look like liquid lipsticks just with a megawatt shine. Coming in frosted opaque colors, the formula is whipped for a mousse-like texture, making it feel like literal frosting on your lips.

The packaging is just as cute as the concept, where the tubes come decorated in a splash of sprinkles, really cinching that dessert theme. The collection was made in collaboration with Hamburg based fashion blogger and influencer, Caro Daur. With over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and having her streetstyle appear on the pages of Vogue and Elle, Daur is a force in the fashion community and has now expanded her tastes to reach into the beauty world, too. Each of the products are scented and taste like their dessert inspiration, serving up options like Key Lime Trifle, Sugar Cookies, Funfetti Cake, and Purple Panna Cotta.

These glosses were first teased on Instagram in March of this year, by Dominic Skinner, who is the Global Senior Artist for the brand. Sharing a sneak peek of a few of the colors, Skinner offered swatches, product names, and the exciting tidbit that each of these will smell and taste like dessert. The post received a lot of attention and excitement from followers, and now we can finally see it up close and in detail.

From the left we have "Banana Muffins," which is an unexpected orange hue; "Caramel Sugar" is a rich chocolate brown; "Coconut Macaroon" is a pinky beige; "Creamy Peach Pie" will give you a watermelon pink shade on your lips with an added pink pearl reflection, and will satisfy your pie cravings; "Death By Chocolate" is for all those dark chocolate lovers out there and comes in a burgundy hue; "Funfetti Cake" is a white gloss with a multi-hued pearl, mimicking the colorful cake; "Strawberry Torte" is a candy apple red; and the "Key Lime Trifle" is a bright chartreuse, which would be such a fun shade to play with during summer.

"Strawberry Mousse" is a Barbie pink; "Raspberry Cream" is a fuchsia with a blue pearl; "Raspberry Pavlova" is a bright fuchsia; "Purple Panna Cotta" is a lilac shade; "Gum Drop" is an intense pink with a metallic pearl; "Sugar Cookies" is a more traditional lip shade, coming in opalescent pink; and "Wild Berry Frosting" is a cotton candy blue.

The Oh, Sweetie Lip Color collection will cost $17 per gloss, and will hit the MAC's site on June 11, and store counters on June 14. Just in time for summer, these dessert themed glosses are sure to become a staple in your purse!