The Friend Mentioned In The Letter About Kavanaugh Has Made Shocking Comments Online

by Caitlin Cruz
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Sunday, Christine Blasey Ford decided to publicly attach her name to her accusation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, which Kavanaugh has denied. It set off a firestorm on social media, and brought attention to a friend of Kavanaugh whom Ford claimed was present during the alleged incident. As the allegation could affect the confirmation process, let's look at who is Kavanaugh's alleged accomplice Mark Judge.

In her original letter addressed to California Sen. Dianne Feinstein (the top ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee) in July, Ford described the alleged attempted assault in the early 1980s when all three were in high school, according to CNN. Judge has since been identified in media reports as the friend whose name was redacted in the letter.

Judge denied the allegation in an interview with the Weekly Standard on Friday. "It's just absolutely nuts. I never saw Brett act that way," Judge said, adding that he first learned of his own role in the alleged attempted assault from The New Yorker. Bustle has reached out to the White House in an attempt to contact Judge.

Today, Judge is a published author and has written for conservative outlets like the Daily Caller. He wrote a memoir about his experience with alcohol abuse as a teenager. According to Mother Jones, in the 1997 book, Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk, Judge details his first experience with alcohol at 14 and binge drinking as a teen. He describes one incident about waking up from a black out: "The next thing I knew, I was lying on a bathroom floor. I was curled up in the fetal position with saliva running out of the side of my mouth."

In a later book, God and Man at Georgetown Prep, Judge describes the all-boys school he attended with Kavanaugh as having lots of alcohol around, the Huffington Post reported.

Until recently, Judge also had an odd YouTube channel that "uploaded bizarre videos that intercut innocuous visuals of books and cityscapes with sexualized videos of young women," according to Splinter's Sophie Weiner.

Despite his denial of the allegation, Judge seems to spend a lot of his time online discussing rape allegations, according to Splinter. Judge, who recently deleted many of his social media profiles, frequently made posts about discrediting rape allegations and relishing in the many errors of the Rolling Stone report on rape at the University of Virginia, according to Joseph M. Katz.

Ford's letter explained the alleged incident in detail. "Kavanaugh physically pushed me into a bedroom as I was headed for a bathroom up a short stair well from the living room," Ford wrote, according to CNN. "They locked the door and played loud music precluding any successful attempt to yell for help. Kavanaugh was on top of me while laughing with REDACTED, who periodically jumped onto Kavanaugh. They both laughed as Kavanaugh tried to disrobe me in their highly inebriated state."

Ford then described how Judge jumping onto Kavanaugh allowed her to extract herself from the situation. "At one point when REDACTED jumped onto the bed the weight on me was substantial. The pile toppled, and the two scrapped with each other," she wrote. "After a few attempts to get away, I was able to take this opportune moment to get up and run across to a hallway bathroom. I locked the bathroom door behind me."

Kavanaugh has denied the allegation, and the White House is standing by him. "On Friday, Judge Kavanaugh 'categorically and unequivocally' denied this allegation," the White House said in a statement to the Washington Post. "This has not changed. Judge Kavanaugh and the White House both stand by that statement."

Ford said in her letter that she eventually went home and never saw Kavanaugh again. She did see Judge once, the letter said. And Judge has gone largely quiet since Sunday. Kavanaugh's nomination hasn't been withdrawn and the Senate Judiciary Committee vote seems to remain on schedule. But only time will tell if the vote will still happen on Thursday.