Food Twitter Is Having A Field Day With McDonald's Kale Burgers

As you may have heard, McDonald’s announced recently that its newest burger will include two “it” ingredients: Kale and Sriracha. Sriracha, of course, is one thing (that is, delicious), but if Twitter’s reactions to McDonald’s kale burger are anything to go by, kale is… something else. Many seem to be having kind of a hard time dealing with the words “kale” and “burger” in the same sentence — although perhaps that’s understandable. It's... a somewhat incongruous pairing.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the Signature Sriracha sandwich will join McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes line by the end of July. Featuring crispy onions, cheddar cheese, a tomato slice, Sriracha Mac sauce, and baby spinach and kale, the sandwich marks the first extension of the Signature Crafted Recipes line, which originally launched in May of 2017. I’d argue that the inclusion of Sriracha and kale isn’t really all that surprising; this particular line of McD’s burgers and sandwiches has also featured things like guacamole, pico de gallo, and maple bacon, so clearly these menu items are all about the hype train. And, I mean, they’re all delicious, so I’ll admit that I’m not totally sure what the problem with them seems to be.

Still, though, folks seem to be having a hard time reconciling the idea of kale and a McD’s burger living in harmony together — which, of course, has led to some spectacularly hilarious tweets. Come with me now. We shall explore them together. Because honestly, this is exactly what your Wednesday needs.

Some Folks Are Super Into It

Unless maybe it's sarcasm? It works either way, so let's just roll with it.

But Honestly, Same

I mean, I do appreciate McDonald's ongoing efforts to include healthier options, but let's be real: I go to McD's when I want a burger and fries, not when I want a salad.

Maybe It's The End Of The World

This Burger Brought To You By "Millennials' Favorite Ingredient"

As the HuffPost points out, far and away the best responses to the Sriracha Signature sandwich came courtesy of an article on Inc. which was published with the headline, "McDonald's Just Rolled Out Burgers With Millennials' Favorite Ingredient" — because it is a truth universally acknowledged that a headline in possession of the word "millennial" must be in want of everyone's opinions about it. Folks have generally been responding with their takes on what millennials' favorite ingredient actually is, like affordable housing.

Snark For Days

And pithy, self-deprecating comments.

I Did It All For The Memes

Is This Really A Favorite, Though?

Wouldn't student loan debt forgiveness be so much tastier?

But Also This

I kind of feel like a burger with kale on it is the perfect representation of self-loathing, but maybe that's just me.

Blazing Fast Internet

Bonus points if it's fiber-optic.

Yes, Please

But, Uh, Brace Yourselves

The night is dark and full of Gen Z.