Milano Just Released A Cookie With Irish Cream Filling

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Pepperidge Farm's new holiday Milano flavors include Irish Cream and Caramel Macchiato.
Courtesy of Pepperidge Farm

There are two types of people in the world: Those who dunk Oreos in milk, and those who dunk Milano cookies in milk. Are the Milano cookie dunkers of the world perhaps a bit bougie? Absolutely. (Yes, I am a Milano cookie dunker.) But that does not prevent Milano cookies from being wonderful; nor does it prevent the new Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie flavors from being the best things ever. Have you ever wished for Caramel Macchiato Milano cookies? Here they are. How about Irish Cream Milano cookies? Voila. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, TEAM.

Although Pepperidge Farm’s cookie offerings aren’t quite as well-known for their seasonal variations as many other packaged baked good brands are, the company does periodically release limited edition options tied into whatever is going on in the calendar at that particular time. Last winter, for example, we got Toasted Marshmallow Milano cookies, which were basically S'mores in cookie form; meanwhile, the 2019 holiday season has already seen the release of cinnamon-spiked Toy Soldier cookies. But these new Milano cookies? They really pull out all the stops. Available starting on Nov. 4 exclusively at Target, they bring two iconic cozy drink flavors to life in cookie form.

It’s worth noting that what many Americans think of as a macchiato isn’t quite that; it’s closer to a latte macchiato. A regular macchiato is usually just an espresso served with a bit of foamed milk on top, while a latte macchiato is mostly milk and foam with a half-shot of espresso. They’re both “marked” in some way — either the espresso marks the milk, or the milk marks the espresso — hence their name: “Macchiato” is Italian for “marked.” Many coffee shop versions of the macchiato in the United States sweeten things up a bit with the addition of caramel syrup — and it’s that drink which lends its flavor profile to the Caramel Macchiato Milano cookie, which features layers of caramel and chocolate sandwiched between two Milano cookie halves.

Courtesy of Pepperidge Farm

Irish cream, meanwhile, is a cream and whiskey-based liqueur which was originally invented in 1973 (yep, it’s that recent). Baileys is perhaps the most well-known variety — and, indeed, it’s the first variety; when I say “it was invented in 1973,” I’m specifically talking about Baileys — but numerous other brands now also make an Irish cream liqueur which goes similarly well in coffee, baked goods, and, well… pretty much anything else you want to put it in. Like the Caramel Macchiato Milano cookie, the Irish Cream Milano cookie features layers on the inside squashed between two crisp cookies.

Irish cream has been fairly well-established as a flavor all its own by this point — that is, it’s not exactly rare to find things that aren’t actually Irish cream designed to taste like the stuff (hi there, Dunkin’s Irish Crème menu and Baileys Irish Cream baking chips). Caramel macchiato, however. is somewhat less commonly encounter as a distinct flavor, despite the drink’s own popularity — but it’s on the rise. For example, I’ve recently discovered Virginia craft brewery Old Bust Head’s Caramel Macchiato Stout, and it is delightful. I, for one, welcome our new caramel macchiato overlords and look forward to seeing whatever treats they have to offer us.

Both the Caramel Macchiato and Irish Cream Milano cookies will be available at Target stores nationwide for about $3.89 per package starting on Nov. 4. Find your nearest Target here; you can always call ahead to see if your location has these new Milano cookie flavors in stock before you go. What's more, starting in early 2020, they'll be available at a wide range of additional retailers, including Walmart and Publix.

Happy almost-holidays!

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