Milk Makeup's Possible New Collab Would Be So Cool

This brand never disappoints when it comes to releasing super cool products. Not only do they have all of your spring beauty needs completely sorted, but they could be moving into the fashion territory as well. Milk Makeup teased what looks like a sunglasses collaboration with illesteva, on Instagram Stories.

They posted a teaser photo to their Instagram account, and then proceeded to give a sneak peek of some potential upcoming products via Instagram Stories. Surprisingly, their videos revealed sunglasses, meaning their latest collaboration could have nothing to do with makeup, but that doesn’t make this range any less covetable. You need Milk Makeup’s products in your cosmetics clutch, but you’re also going to need these potential sunnies in your beach bag. Being able to purchase must-have beauty items and accessories all from the same place — that really is a dream come true. Bustle has reached out to the beauty company for more information.

So, if you don’t already shop the Milk Makeup brand, now’s the perfect time to fall in love with everything they have to offer. Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime, check out their Instagram and start dreaming about this partnership. Pull through, Milk Makeup!

Their teaser photo seems to be picture of the sun... so if that doesn't mean some sunglasses are on the way, then I don't know what does! Oh yeah, I see what they did there.

Shades could be on the way just in time for spring.

These frames, which could be part of a collab or just existing illesteva frames, are cute and lightweight, and ultimately, belong in your weekender this season.

Circular sunnies are essential to completing your festival wardrobe.

Potential sunnies from a beauty brand? Count me in!

Courtesy Milk Makeup

Holographic Stick, $28, Milk Makeup

This company's already got items to help you shine as bright as the sun, so it makes sense that they might create something to protect you from a blinding highlight.

Stay tuned to see if you'll be to cover your face in Milk Makeup in a new way very soon.