Milk Makeup’s Just Dropped Two New Oil Sticks So Bye, Bye Dry Skin

When in winter, ashiness, and dry skin overall, is the devil and must be terminated immediately when signs of cracked lips and skin are upon you. While most ash-eliminating products like coconut oil and shea butter will put you on “bag lady” status and take up all the space in your purse, Milk Makeup just launched two new oils sticks to save you space, and some face.

The Milk Makeup brand is known for delivering new portable goodies to beauty gurus who are always on the move, and these may be the brand's most vital products for skin care lovers who are out and about in the bitter cold. Milk took to its Instagram stories to announce the two new stick oils: a Sunshine Oil and a Hydrating Oil.

Both are oils in Milk Makeup's go-to stick format that ideal for those days you woke up late for work, hopped in and out of the shower, and forgot to lather up in globs of lotion. These two babies are your cure and you'll be thankful when you open your bag to find these cuddled in your purse pocket.

Despite this being the launch of two new products, the brand is treating fans and taking $5 off of its original price. Milk Makeup, you're a real one.

Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil

In the event your ashiness is everywhere, this is the oil stick for you. Milk Makeup's Sunshine oil does everything you need it to do and more, being a multipurpose oil that you can apply to your body, face, cuticles, and even your hair for some much needed shine.

The ingredients include a multitude of natural oils such as grape seed, avocado, grapefruit peel, mandarin orange peel, and lemon peel to get your skin glowing in even the coldest of months. It's also super easy to bring along with you since it's clickable, casual oil in a pen.

Milk Makeup Hydrating Oil

After you've put your pores through a deep cleaning, you'll need something to get rid of the immediate tightness that occurs after putting your face to a towel. Enter: Milk Makeup's Hydrating Oil.

As opposed to the Sunshine Oil, the Hydrating Oil is in a solid format, making this product easy to get past airport security, and can also be applied to your face, body, and hair for instant hydration and shine.

This oil stick features natural oils such as apricot, avocado, calendula, jojoba, and orange peel. If your skin wasn't thirsty before, it sure is now.

As soon as Milk Makeup posted the photo of its Sunshine oil, all of the praise came rolling through in the comments.

"OK I need this! This NYC weather is winning the battle with my skin 😫😫," one fan wrote.

"Golden hour just got 100% better!" Another fan wrote.

It's looking like moisturizing is about to become an Olympic sport considering everyone on Instagram is vying for glass-like skin. These just might be the products to give your skin impeccable shine.