This Millennial Wedding Favor Trend Is Super, Duper Permanent

Remember the days when people actually worried about where they got their tattoo for fear of losing professional credibility? We may still be working on that stigma, but thanks to the culture millennials have promoted in and outside of the office, there is definitely more room for creative expression. And now that getting a tattoo isn't so taboo, you even can get one while attending a wedding reception. So while you toast to the happy couple, artists like Robert Vincent Fiore can tattoo your wedding souvenir wherever you decide.

And with Fiore, who has 20 years of experience, you're in good hands. Owner of Red Lotus Tattoo in Landsdale, Pennsylvania, Fiore started offering his services to wedding-related events over a year ago. Dubbed "The Wedding Tattooer," he provides tattoos for the couple and matching ink for anyone in the wedding party who wants to commemorate the occasion.

According to HuffPost, this all started after Fiore jokingly suggested that he tattoo a relative and his bride at their cocktail party. When the couple agreed, it later became a hit. Just this past year, Fiore has done six weddings and has 20 more bookings coming up.

"We bring our tattoo studio on the road to your venue, whether it's a wedding reception, cocktail hour, bachelor/bachelorette party, or any other themed event. We pack up our studio and we bring it to you," said Fiore in a video on his site detailing "The Wedding Tattooer" experience.

During the video, he also talks about how people are indulging at any age. He could recall a wedding where he tattooed the bride's grandparents who also wanted to celebrate. He called that experience the most special and meaningful tattoos he'd done to date.

"That was super special to me because they were not tattooed, they were interested — they were one of the first people to come over when we were setting up, asking questions ... And that kind of took me aback. I said, 'Really?' You know, in a normal tattoo studio setting, you might not necessarily get that kind of reaction, but the grandparents of the bride were very, very much into celebrating the love that their daughter was sharing that day."

If you are looking to try this trend (that can actually be traced back to 2014) at your wedding, the pricing starts at $500. The price also depends on the number of guests, travel, and designs needed. This sounds steep, but Fiore provides an "100 percent sterile procedure," which is absolutely worth the cost.

Fiore shared with HuffPost that this wasn't just a trend, but a legitimate way to celebrate love. He said, "This is the most unique wedding favor you can offer." Fiore insists that anyone can pick up a tattoo machine and do it, but he offers a level of professionalism and mobility that you can't find anywhere else. Attendees sign a waiver form, and Fiore guarantees a clean and exciting experience with great attention to detail.

So if you're feeling a love high and the inspiration strikes you, convince your favorite couple to look into it. Your argument: you won't just have photos to remember the celebration.