Minnie Mouse Ear Sunhats Exist — And They Are Actually Subtle & Sweet

No matter how old you are, there's no age limit when it comes to loving Disney. Because of that, designers are more than happy to turn out Disney-inspired collections to help you express your allegiance to the Magic Kingdom. Case in point: Rita Lane Vintage's new Mini Mouse sunhats.

While it's true that there are a bevvy of different reiterations of the classic mouse ears — from simple headbands, to flower crowns, to sequined mouse ears — fans can't get enough of having their options expanded. And Rita Lane Vintage took it upon themselves to completely redefine just how those mouse ears are going to be worn. Why put them on a headband and have them stick out, when you can just as easily wear them on a sunhat? It's a more grownup way to pull off the look, and can be more easily worn outside of the lines and bustle of Disney World.

While wearing rose gold mouse ears might not look out of place while you're walking towards Splash Mountain, it might get you some curious looks if you're in line at the grocery store back home. But if the ears are discreetly tucked into a summer hat, no one will be the wiser — except you.

Creating a floppy straw hat, these wide brim creations are Instagram gold. There are two hats to choose from: one white and one tan. Both hats are made from paper straw and have the words "Greetings from" written in sequins on the brim. On top of the hat are three circles: one representing the head of Minnie, and two black dots being her ears. The design was originally created as a way to create a cute photo-op while visiting Disneyland or Disney World. "Wear this at any of Disney's locations for a fabulous photo-op and for looking absolutely darling during your adventures!" the product description reads. And clocking in at $37.50, it's a mid-range hat product.

Both hats are a "one size fits most" size, where the accessory has a seven inch circumference with an adjustable inner band. The brim of the hat is also massive, where it is five and a half inches, meaning you will be well protected from the sun. And if you have ever spent a day in California or Florida, you know that you need a hat and plenty of sunscreen to protect yourself from those strong UV rays. While wearing a Minnie Mouse headband might not protect you from the blazing rays, these hats definitely will.

Seeing how Rita Lane Vintage is based in Orlando, it's no wonder that they have their finger on the pulse when it comes to Disney inspired pieces. In fact, along with the hats, they have launched a whole new collection that pays homage to the Magical Kingdom. Below are some of their other looks you might enjoy.

Whether you choose to express your Disney spirit through your hats or your pencil skirts doesn't matter — what's exciting is that summer is here, and we have a ton of Disney-inspired collections to add to our wardrobes!