Weed Bath Bombs Are A Thing Now & This Is A Whole New Level Of Relaxation

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Weed bath bombs are a thing now, and they are here to make your bath experience as stress-free as possible. Japanese beauty brand Mirai Clinical's "CBD Bath Bomb" is as unassuming of a bath bomb as they come. It doesn't come with any bells and whistles, where it's just a round, colorless ball that you can plop into your bathtub without much to-do. Glitter streaks won't start gushing out, your water won't turn into an exciting acid green, and your bathroom won't start smelling like bubblegum like other products, but it will release CBD and help you unwind.

It promises to relax your body and mind with lime essential oils, the persimmon will nix any body odors from the day, and it's all natural, where it's free of sulfates, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrance, and preservatives.

But its main appeal is the cannabidiol oil, which is a psychoactive. "CBD oil won't actually get you high — that's THC oil — but it is still an active component of cannabis. Unlike the oil that's used for recreational purposes, CBD is used to relieve pain, calm anxiety, and reduce swelling," Revelist explains. You might now get out of your weekday bath stoned, but you will feel smoother around the edges, which is the whole point of lazing around a bathtub, anyway.

CBD Bath Bomb with Persimmon, $8, Mirai Clinical

If you have any back aches, feel like your boss frayed your nerves that day, feel more than a little overwhelmed with your schedule, or just need a general time out, this bath bomb is just the ticket to help you reset from the hectic week.

The only problem is that it has been selling out so quickly that there's an actual waiting list until mid-November for it. Apparently it's been a stressful month for Mirai Clinical's shoppers, and they snapped up their whole supply. To make up for the delay, though, you’ll receive a 10 percent discount code in appreciation for your patience.

The bath bomb is originally eight dollars, but the more you buy the less you have to pay. If you buy between one and two units, you pay eight dollars; three to five bombs clock in at $6.40 each, and six or more units cost $5.60 each. Now you just have to wait until November to get your batch! In the meantime, below are some other cannabis-related beauty products you can try out while the weed bath bombs are being made.


"The Glow" Facial Oil

"The Glow" Facial Oil, $39, Jeffrey James

Amp up your morning beauty routine with some hemp based beauty oils. This particular one has fabulous ingredients like organic jojoba oil to tighten pores, tamanu oil for powerful healing properties, and hemp seed oil which will protect your skin from moisture loss.


Hemp Hand Protector

Hemp Hand Protector, $8, The Body Shop

Made with community trade hemp seed oil, this is a great lotion for people who are prone to have severely dry skin. Even though the hemp from their Community Trade is the same kind used to produce cannabis, The Body Shop uses the non-psychoactive cannabis to create their rich moisturizing oil.


Cannabis Sativa Oil Lip Balm

Lip Balm, $12, Herb Essntls

Herb Essntls is a beauty line specializing in cannabis-oil-laced products, producing things like face cream and body lotion with a dash of sativa oil in them. This particular lip balm helps your lips rebuild their natural oil barrier to keep them from losing moisture, which is perfect for this upcoming cooler weather.


Face Serum

SEN Face Serum, $78, Khus+Khus

CBD oil is the main ingredient in this face serum, and it's used to foster cell regeneration and healing. "CBD oil provides remarkable therapeutics for skin maintenance and skin disorders," the product description reads. It helps in creating a high level of anti-aging skin nutrition, keeping your skin tight and youthful.


Hemp Seed Body Lotion

Hemp Seed Body Lotion, $18, Marley Natural

Meant to be nature's remedy for dry skin, this lotion uses nutrient-rich hemp seed oil to bring a huge dose of moisture to your skin, replenishing your arms and legs during those drier, colder months.

From weed bath bombs to sativa lip balm, your beauty cabinet just got a whole lot more 4/20 friendly.

Readers should note that the regulations and data surrounding CBD are still developing. As such, the information contained in this post should not be construed as medical or legal advice. Always consult with your doctor before trying any substance or supplement.