The 'Trinkets' Trailer Teases A Show Perfect For Fans Of '10 Things I Hate About You'

Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix is rolling out new show after new show like it's a conveyer belt. Because of this, it might be hard to keep up when release dates, but if you're a fan of YA dramas about female friendships, with a hint of illegal activity and mischief, then the trailer for Netflix's new show Trinkets should catch your attention. The new teaser dropped on Thursday, May 30, and the show premieres Jun 14. It stars a few familiar faces, like Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead from Deadpool), Brandon Butler (Scott from 13 Reasons Why), and Larisa Oleynik (Cynthia on Mad Men and Bianca from 10 Things I Hate About You), along with some names you might not be familiar with yet.

Trinkets is based off of a book by Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith, who is also executive producer for the show. Smith is no newcomer to writing young adult stories. She wrote the screenplays for well-loved films like She's The Man, Ella Enchanted, 10 Things I Hate About You, The House Bunny, and Legally Blonde. And her comedic sensibilities and talent at telling coming-of-age stories are on full display in the Trinkets trailer.

The clip revolves around Elodie (Hildebrand), who meets Moe (Kiana Madeira) and Tabitha (Quintessa Swindell) at a sort of AA for her kleptomania. They become friends after realizing they all live for the thrill to steal. Naturally, chaos ensues. According to the press release received by Bustle, it seems like the three have nothing much in common, other than this addiction, but that's of course what brings them together. Elodie is described as "the grieving misfit," Moe as "the mysterious outsider," and Tabitha as "the imperfect picture of perfection." Together they "will find strength in each other as they negotiate family issues, high school drama and the complicated dilemma of trying to fit in while longing to break out."

When it was first announced that the book would be made into a TV show in 2015 (originally with MTV) Smith told The Hollywood Reporter her hopes for the adaptation of Trinkets. “We want to make an authentic, smart spin on The Breakfast Club — but with girls and shoplifting,” Smith said. Much has changed since then, with the production company now being AwesomenessTV, the same company behind PEN15. But her vision for the show, written and produced by Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer, along with Smith, definitely seems to have remained in tact.

"The healing power of friendship is the story that I wanted to tell, the magic of friendship, the romance of friendship," Smith told Teen Vogue about the new series. "Isn't friendship the most important thing in life? Meeting a new person can change your life — making a new friend has saved mine many times."

Smith continued, addressing the somewhat precarious nature of these girls' friendship and its connection to shoplifting, something Smith sees as a very real addiction. "A lot of young women are drawn to it because they don' t have enough control and power, so it's a away to seize it even if it's misguided. It's a way to fill some holes that you have inside with possessions," the writer said.

Allyson Riggs/Netflix

Trinkets Season 1 will span 10 episodes, and you best believe, that's more than enough time for these ladies to try to steal a whole lot of possessions and get into some very fun trouble.