7 Organizations Providing Hurricane Florence Relief That Need Your Support Right Now

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Hurricane Florence has made landfall in North Carolina, where it is expected to linger for at least the next day or two. Four people in the state have already died as a result of the storm, The New York Times reported, including an infant. The areas and people affected by Florence will need significant assistance during and after the storm, and you can help. Numerous local organizations are helping Hurricane Florence victims, and could always use more assistance.

Officials in the region have referred to Florence as "the storm of a lifetime" as it causes storm surge, high-speed winds, and coastal flooding. According to CNN, the storm has already trapped people in flooded houses and caused power outages for 620,000 customers in North and South Carolina. And people are not the only ones at risk from the storm — animals are, too. Animal shelters along the southeast U.S. are trying to evacuate as quickly as possible, but many are quickly reaching capacity.

Although the storm is projected to cause significant damage, many local organizations are working to provide the necessary resources and assistance to those affected. In additional to larger international organizations like the Red Cross and Save the Children, the organizations listed are working with local communities to best assess their needs in light of Florence. Many of these organizations have also been vetted by charity assessment group Charity Navigator.

North Carolina Community Foundation

The NCCF uses its more than $247 million in assets to support various nonprofit organizations, scholarships, and other community needs, according to its website. To prepare for Hurricane Florence, the NCCF reactivated its disaster relief fund, and stated that all funds raised would go directly to nonprofit organizations serving local communities in areas affected by the storm. You can make a donation at this link, and specify that you want your donation to go toward disaster relief.

Charleston Animal Society

The Charleston Animal Society is a local organization dedicated to preventing animal cruelty. They have provided some useful tips on their website to people who have pets in regions affected by the storm. They have also evacuated dozens of animals out of the hurricane's path, and are planning additional rescue efforts. You can donate to the Charleston Animal Society at this link.

Harvest Hope Food Bank

According to its website, Harvest Hope Food Bank fed approximately 38,000 people per week last year, across 20 counties in South Carolina. In anticipation of Hurricane Florence's devastating impact, Harvest Hope has ordered extra food supplies and is planning for distribution. There are multiple ways you can support Harvest Hope — you can make a monetary donation on their website, or you can donate one or more of the items they have specified as most-needed at this time. You can also sign up to volunteer to pack disaster food bags.

Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies

Per Vox, this is a disaster response group that is run by and for people with disabilities. According to Portlight's official Facebook page, the organization aims "to foster inclusive disaster planning and response for people with all types of disabilities." The Charleston, South Carolina-based organization deploys teams on the ground in affected regions, provides medical assistance, and maintains a disaster hotline. You can get involved by filling out a contact form at this link.

Diaper Bank Of North Carolina

The Diaper Bank of North Carolina aims to provide families living in poverty with personal hygiene products, in order to remove barriers to education or employment. On Thursday, the organization launched a fundraiser for money and diapers to support families and children who have been displaced by the hurricane. You can make a monetary donation online at this link, or drop off diapers, wipes, and sanitary pads at the organization's headquarters, located at 1311 East Club Blvd., Durham, NC 27704.

Loaves & Fishes

Loaves & Fishes is a food pantry organization based in North Carolina's Mecklenburg County. With its approximately 30 emergency food pantries, Loaves & Fishes aims to provide a week's worth of groceries to people facing economic hardships, according to its website. To support Loaves & Fishes, you can donate money at this link, make a food donation of their priority needs, volunteer at one of their pantries, or even adopt a pantry.

Friendship Trays

This Charlotte, North Carolina-based organization delivers meals to people who are unable to prepare food for themselves. According to its website, Friendship Trays requires at least 100 volunteers per day to deliver all of these meals, and is desperately seeking drivers as the hurricane approaches. You can sign up to volunteer using the contact information at this link, and if you are unable to volunteer, Friendship Trays is encouraging everyone to spread the word on social media.

These seven organizations are only a small selection of those working to support those affected by Hurricane Florence. To see how you can support different organizations working to provide general aid, medical services, hunger relief, housing, animal care, and more, you can take a look at Charity Navigator's carefully vetted list of organizations that are focusing on the storm.