The #FrustrationIn5Words Tweets To Remind You Of Everything That's Annoying AF

On top of life's very real worries like death, disease, and poverty, there's another layer of lesser annoyances that still cause maddening levels of frustration. (Think slow Wi-Fi, unnecessary honking, and too-hot-to-drink coffee after a hangover.) Thanks to the trending hashtag #FrustrationIn5Words, however, Twitter users have the opportunity to let fly about all the things that really grind their gears.

If I had to pick one petty annoyance that rules my life, it would be lateness. As someone neurotically on time — or, you know, habitually a half hour early so I have to slink around in a nearby CVS pretending to shop — people who like to waltz in on their own schedules hurt me deep within my soul. While many early folks like myself find lateness extremely rude and careless, it's not all so simple, apparently. According to research on "the late" (as I like to call them), they might actually perceive time differently than "the early" do. While this is all well and good, I still think that's just an excuse for taking that extra half hour snooze or time to make sure their makeup is really on point. But I digress...

Here are seven kinds of problems that are frustrating AF:

1. Tech Problems

2. Love Life Problems

3. Food Problems

4. Car Problems

5. Household Problems

6. Money Problems

7. Grammar Problems