Peter From 'The 'Bachelorette' Already Has One Great Love In His Life

John Fleenor/ABC

The first few weeks of any given Bachelorette season can be pretty overwhelming, mostly because it's nearly impossible to keep all of the contestants' names straight. However, Peter Weber was able to make a pretty big first impression on Hannah B.'s Bachelorette season, not only because he wore his pilot uniform, but because his name and occupation make up a helpful alliteration: Peter the Pilot. And just in case you doubted whether he loves his job or not, Peter's Instagram makes it more than clear that it's one of his biggest passions.

First of all, there's his Instagram handle, @pilot_pete, which is fitting for obvious reasons. However, a deep dive into the actual photos demonstrates just how big of a role flying has in his life. Back in March 2018, he posted a photo announcing that he would be flying for Delta Airlines and how excited he was for the opportunity. "I'm so ready for this adventure," he wrote at the time, adding:

"I've wanted to become a major airline pilot my entire life and today I'm so excited to announce I've accepted an offer to fly for Delta Air Lines. I can't express my gratitude enough to everyone who's helped me achieve my dream; thank you a million times. I feel like a little kid right now and I'll never forget this feeling."

It's impossible not to find his enthusiasm adorable, but there's a reason he's so psyched about his career. Flying has been apart of Peter's life from the very beginning. As he already revealed on the show, Peter's parents actually met due to the fact that his dad was a pilot and his mom was a flight attendant. So when you stop and think about it, in a way, he kind of owes his very existence to flying. It's no wonder he's so grateful for it.

Based on his photos, it's also evident that flying is a big way that Peter bonds with his dad. Family obviously means a lot to him (they pop up on his Instagram almost as often as flying-related stuff does), which is an important aspect of his personality that Hannah B. should keep in mind. It shows that this guy not only looks good in a uniform, but has a big heart, too.

Basically, Peter seems like the total package, and he could definitely make it all the way to the end of the season to win that highly coveted final rose. Let's just hope he manages to soar his way (get it?) into Hannah's heart the way he's done with countless viewers already.

Of course, that's not to say that Peter only enjoys flying. His ABC bio states that he also likes "snowboarding, watching football, and line dancing." And on top of that, his Instagram shows him jet skiing on multiple occasions.

So he's definitely adventurous and could prove to be Hannah B.'s perfect match. Let's just hope she likes to fly, or that could end up being a dealbreaker.