Kat Von D Just Released Detailed Photos Of Her Shoe Line & Holy Cow

Monograms! Crucifix-inspired zippers pulls! The KvD logo! Fans are well aware that Kat Von D is launching a vegan shoe line and the sexy designs look quality, stylish, and as if they were made from actual leather material. Kat Von D has shared new details about her vegan shoe collection — and they are utterly divine. You are so going to want to own multiple pairs based on these teases.

Von D previously teased a few pairs of heels from the line on its official Instagram, which is "vondshoes." So far, we've seen a concealed, patent leather, and candy apple red wedge platform. We have also witnessed the majesty of a faux croc, open-toe heel with a bone-like bow sculpted from metal. We've also been besotted by a foiled vegan leather chunky heel with an ankle strap in scarlet. These are statement shoes and they look expensive and well-made. They also need to hurry up and get on our feet!

The makeup guru, tattoo artist, and committed animal rights activist has shared some of the cool, finer point of the line. The underside of every heel is adorned with the official "Von D" monogram, which was hand-drawn by Von D herself in conjunction with artist BJ Betts.

The monogram is a work of art. But wait! There's more.

Von D also shared an inverted cross zipper pull for the unisex combat boots. The up close and personal image reveals all the care and consideration that has gone into the details of these shoes. KVD's focus with this project is laser-like.

She also reveled the script logo on fabric, which will likely be sewn into the soles, the tongue, or on the tag pulls of the shoes.

OK, Kat, you win. These teases are certainly enough to get fans drooling and impatient while waiting for Von D Shoes to finally go on sale.

If you love the look of leather —be it matte and smooth or glossy and patent — when it comes to your footwear, these vegan versions certainly mimic that appearance.

Von D is disrupting the shoe industry. She is proving that, yes, you can wear shoes that are not derived of any animal products and still look stylish, sexy, and chic AF.

Of course Kat Von D-evotees sounded off in the comments of the Insta posts, expressing their emotions.

Fans were struggling to catch their breath after soaking in the details. Others dropped questions about flats, since heels can be hard to walk in. Since there is a unisex pair of combat boots, we can assume that there is at least one flat in the assortment of shoes. Perhaps there will be more!

Those details, though! Fans are excited that shoes transcend gender. Questions about the pricing are also popping up, understandably so.

Fans and their feet are so ready to be tucked into a pair of Von D Shoes. There are lots of other inquiries, such as when the footwear will drop, where it will be sold, and if they'll be true to size.

Here's how Twitter is feeling. Warning: Rampant desire ahead!

So are our feet and our wardrobes. The waiting is the hardest part. But this luxury-looking footwear will be well worth the time spent "oohing" and "aahing" over images.

Need and want! The covet is real.

These teases are almost too much. It's an effective way for Von D to stoke the fires of excitement. Fans love her goth x rock vibe and are eager to copy it. There are several Insta feeds dedicated to Kat Von D's OOTDs and her personal style. So this collection is bound to be a hit.

Hurry up and get here, Von D Shoes. Our feet are waiting.