7 Podcasts For The Bank Holiday That'll Take Your Chill Out Sesh To The Next Level

Bonninstudio / Stocksy

Bank holidays give you the gift of a Sunday night free from work dread and the knowledge that the Monday feeling is officially cancelled. They’re the perfect opportunity to chill out in the garden, go on an adventure, or spend some time indulging in a little bit of self care. If you are anything like me, time to mooch about is the ultimate luxury but doing it in silence is my idea of hell. Here are seven podcasts to get you through bank holiday Monday.

Podcasts have become the soundtrack to my life. Whether I am in the gym, on the train, or pottering around the house, they are the most low-maintenance way to engage with a topic and learn something new.

It's difficult to put your finger on what makes a good podcast. Engaging and interesting hosts are essential. Having brilliant guests goes a long way. A niche concept or clear topic definitely helps. These seven podcasts have combined all the things that make a podcast gripping. If you are in need of a companion to see you through this bank holiday weekend, whatever you may be doing, you can’t go wrong with downloading one of these series. Enjoy!


'Women's Prize For Fiction Podcast'

This brand new podcast is brought to you by the women shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2019 and hosted by the sensational executive editor of Vice UK and author of the Forgotten Women series Zing Tsjeng. The six-part series will feature discussions from the sell-out Baileys Book Bar events. Covering what feminism means to millennials with Scarlett Curtis and Dolly Alderton to thriving in business with Sharmadean Reid, this is one way to feel super inspired by what women are doing right now. The episodes are released weekly and the first two are available for download now.

Available here.


Sexual Happiness Podcast

If you are looking for a podcast that is a little sexier and incredibly informative then you definitely need to check out Lovehoney’s new Sexual Happiness podcast. Lovehoney have named themselves the sexual happiness people and in their new podcast they bring together experts from around the globe to talk all things sex, relationships, toys, and sexuality. New episodes will drop every Wednesday and the site are running a launch offer so listeners can receive 15 percent off their orders.

Available here.


Happy Place

The bank holiday weekend can be a perfect time to kick back, relax, and have a bit of down time. Life is fast paced and with your phone buzzing every five seconds with email notifications and (no) updates on Brexit, it can get a little overwhelming. Enter Happy Place with Fearne Cotton. From speaking to famous faces like Natalie Dormer, Melanie C, and Russell Brand to revealing exactly what brings her joy Cottons eternal optimism and warmth exudes out of this podcast. It would be impossible to come away from it feeling anything other than relaxed, inspired, and happy.

Available here.


Two Dope Queens

You might think you and your best friend are the funniest pair going but Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams will give you a serious run for your money. They’re hilarious. They're also undeniably cool, producing their show out of Brooklyn, which will give you all of the desires to jump on a flight to NYC. The girls discuss romance, race, sex, and what it is like living in New York, among other things. To say they have had some esteemed guests is the biggest understatement — they sat down to chat with the goddess that is Michelle Obama. Two Dope Queens is the perfect mix of aspirational and relatable and will leave you with a sore face from smiling.

Available here.


My Favourite Murder

This one is for all the true crime buffs out there. If you have truly exhausted all of the serial killer documentaries on Netflix or would rather learn about some creepy goings on through your headphones, then My Favourite Murder will become your favourite new podcast. Hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark the pair take a deep dive into a different murder every week and to say they will have you hooked is an understatement. You will come away feeling like a detective yourself.

Available here.


Nobody Panic

Do you ever get the feeling that everyone knows what they are doing and have it all together and you are faking it in the hope no one notices? Because same. Nobody Panic will guide you through the moments of existential crisis to realise you have got this, you can adult successfully, and even when you are seriously questioning it you don’t need to run to the toilets to scream because everyone feels the same. Hosted by the hilarious Stevie Martin and Tessa Coates they speak to experts about the big questions like how to go vegan, how to be incredible at dating, and how to know you are ready for your own pet. Reassuring, funny, and helpful Nobody Panic will make you feel ready to take on the rest of the week, and your life for that matter.

Available here.


Laid Bare

I will never stop screaming the praises of Laid Bare because Shakira Scott, Dami Olonisakin, and Shani Jamilah are having the sex positive conversations you don’t normally hear unless you are sat with your friends over a glass of wine. Funny, informed, and incredibly powerful Laid Bare covers everything from whether you should have sex on the first date, sex and religion, and sex tapes. To say they lay out their opinions bare is no understatement and they are the educational voices of reason you need in your life.

Available here.


Whether you need some career inspiration, sexy chat, or true crime is your thing there is a podcast for you. The bank holiday weekend is an awesome time to recharge and get inspired. Download a new podcast, kick back, and enjoy a Monday thinking about anything but work.