This Major Store Used Customers As Models In A New Ad Campaign & The Results Are Amazing

Courtesy of Primark

Inclusivity can't be categorized as a "trend" any longer. It's becoming a standard, from brands increasing shade ranges of foundation with a wider variety of dark tones to further options for plus size fashionistas to a commitment to unretouched advertising. Primark's new ad campaign features actual customers as models. It's a thoroughly awesome move, as the international retailer has effectively captured the ultimate in street style with these images.

Brands, both mainstream and indie, are continuing to shift away from unattainable standards in their imaging in favor of representing real, relatable people. Case in point: CVS recently committed to using unedited imagery in its beauty ads.

Incorporating the people who actually support the brand IRL is brilliant. It highlights the consumer and also can inspire other shoppers' street style in a realistic, "gettable" way.

Sure, a lot of brands tag their customers and fans on Instagram, which is sorta like an ad. But that's so random. This campaign is a direct, intentional, and reciprocal way to show the love.

The campaign hits the streets in NYC and Brooklyn next week. It's pegged around the opening of the brand's new Brooklyn location, which is slated for this summer.

It features a variety of customers from all backgrounds and walks of life. There are women of color, kids, dudes, and besties looking cool AF and happy in the clothes in a bunch of locations.

Courtesy of Primark

Yes, that fuzzy rainbow sweater is adorbs. But check out that pose. With her hand perched on her hip, this super stylish girl oozes confidence from every pore.

Courtesy of Primark

Denim on denim? Oh yes! These looks are extremely effortless but oh-so- cool.

Courtesy of Primark

Look a this matchy matchy pair. What a stylin' and profilin' duo.

Courtesy of Primark

What a lewk. Those shades and that millennial pink pullover with a message suh-lay all day.

Courtesy of Primark

A hoodie and a pop of color? Those are spring wardrobe essentials.

If you were not previously a fan of or familiar with Primark, these campaign shots certainly do the brand justice. They send an effective message that yes, you can wear these clothes. It's evident that these clothes are for everyone.

The company's mantra centers on keeping prices low but standards high. The brand also touts that its clothes are made with respect for both the planet from which they are sourced as well as the people who make them. Those are concepts we can all get behind, heartily so.

Skim the brand's Insta and you'll see flat lays of threads for men, women, and children at affordable prices and that represent current looks and trends. From coats to bags to shades to dresses to formal wear to swimsuits, you can build an entire wardrobe and beyond at Primark. Who knows — maybe you could eventually end up as one of its models!

If you don't have any aspirations to be the next Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner, that is more than OK. This campaign reminds shows us how these clothes look on a real, regular humans doing real, regular things. Forget lighting. Forget photo editing. Forget standards imposed without permission or regard for life as we know it. Thank you, Primark, for introducing a different kind of inclusivity. We are so here for it.

Oh, hey, while you are here, did you know that Primark also sells beauty products? True story. The brand offers blushes, lippies, liners, nail polish, and more.

It's a full service, one-stop shop. You can stock up on tons of basics yet never look too same-y or like you shopped in one place — even if that's exactly what you did. You can do so in good conscience, too.

Here's to hoping additional campaigns feature the shoppers themselves. They are the core.

UPDATE: If you to potentially participate, round 2 of the campaign shoots April 27 and 28 at the Brooklyn Bridge and Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, respectively. A Primark mobile closet will be parked at both locations.