Princess Charlotte Is Following In Her Big Brother George's Footsteps In This Exciting Way

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Princess Charlotte may march to the beat of her own adorable drum, but she's following her brother's footsteps in one major way. According to E! News, Princess Charlotte will attend Prince George's school in the fall, news which was officially confirmed by Kensington Palace. So, get ready for the Cambridge crew to officially rule the St. Thomas's Battersea roost.

On May 24, the publication reported that Charlotte, who previously attended Willcocks Nursery School in London, is set to attend St. Thomas's Battersea, which is also in London, come September. The school's headmaster, Simon O'Malley, released a statement about the royal update, as E! News revealed, in which he said:

"We are delighted that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have decided that Princess Charlotte will join her elder brother, Prince George, at Thomas's Battersea. We greatly look forward to welcoming her and all of our new pupils to the school in September."

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's eldest son has attended the London preschool since September 2017, so he will definitely be able to point out all of best parts about St. Thomas's Battersea to his younger sister. Like her brother, when Charlotte does arrive at school in the fall, she will likely to go by the moniker "Charlotte Cambridge" instead of using her Princess title (her brother goes by, you guessed it, George Cambridge).

Not only will she follow his lead in that way, royal watchers can likely expect yet another adorable photo-op featuring the Cambridge family on Charlotte's first day of preschool. On George's first day in 2017, Prince William was right by his son's side as he started classes. Kate Middleton unfortunately couldn't be there as she was experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum due to her third pregnancy, according to the BBC. But, maybe the duchess can be on hand during their daughter's first day of preschool in September.

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Just based on George's jam-packed curriculum, Charlotte can expect to have some fun-filled days when she arrives at St. Thomas's Battersea. In addition to studying the basics, such as math and reading, students study an array of subjects from the arts to religion. But, above all, and as the school's "aims" outlines, students are urged to be kind and to be the best that they can be throughout their studies:

"It is our aim that each child in our care aspires to fulfil his or her potential. We would like every pupil to become the best that he or she can be. In each school, we aim to offer the highest academic standards, set within a broad and rich curriculum, which inspires enjoyment, learning and achievement. We expect every member of the schools’ communities to ‘Be Kind’."

Since Charlotte recently celebrated her fourth birthday in May, it makes sense that she would be making the jump to preschool incredibly soon (as she is the same age George was upon his start at the school). And now that Kensington Palace has officially confirmed that she'll be attending the same school as her big brother in the fall, royal watchers can already start looking forward to any possible back-to-school photo-ops featuring both of the Cambridge siblings.