Priyanka Chopra Had *Two* Key Roles At Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas' Vegas Wedding

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News of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' Las Vegas wedding came as a surprise to fans, but their family members were there to help them tie the knot. Priyanka Chopra's role at Turner and Jonas' wedding included being both a bridesmaid and a flower girl, and the Isn't It Romantic actor was thrilled to take on the "double duty."

"I was a bridesmaid and a flower girl," Chopra said to People, referring to last week's impromptu ceremony. "Double duty!" The actor didn't share many details about the wedding, but it sounds like she was a major part of the action.

"All I say is it’s such a Joe and Sophie thing to do," Chopra told the magazine. "I mean, trust them to pull something like this off. They're so carefree, so fun, and this is so representative of who they are, you know? It was just so special to be there."

There aren't many photos from Turner and Jonas' wedding, other than the ones Diplo shared on his Instagram Story that night. But it sounds like the Vegas wedding was low-key, fun, and totally the couple's style. I mean, an Elvis impersonator officiated the wedding, for goodness' sake — not many couples can say that about their own weddings.

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The Vegas ceremony isn't the only wedding Jonas and Turner will host, though. The couple is reportedly still planning a wedding in Europe this summer, as fans originally thought, and the Vegas ceremony was for legal reasons.

"They had to get married in the States to make it legal, but the wedding is still in Europe," a source told People. As the magazine explained, Turner and Jonas couldn't legally get married in France since they aren't residents of the country. So the bigger ceremony will be more symbolic, while the Vegas one is legally binding.

And at the bigger ceremony, Chopra probably won't be wearing as many hats, because the rest of the bridal party will be there, too. Maisie Williams will be Turner's maid of honor, the Game of Thrones star shared with Entertainment Tonight. (Technically, Williams will be one of two co-maids of honor, but Turner hasn't shared who the second one is.)

Turner's bridal party is also likely to include her fellow "J Sisters," Chopra and Danielle Jonas. The three sisters-in-law have given themselves the sweet nickname, and it sounds like they cherish whatever time they have together.

"We never end up spending as much time together because we are never in the same place together. All three of us have such busy lives," Chopra told People of her sisters-in-law. "But when we do, we don't need each other's time. We're always giggling and joking and hanging out and it's just so great to have my family extend into just amazing good people. I love that."

As Turner and Jonas' bigger wedding ceremony gets closer, they're sure to have the support of the extended Jonas family each step of the way. Chopra might not be a flower girl at the next ceremony, but it's clear how much she loves her sister-in-law and is willing to step into whatever role Turner needs.