Randall FINALLY Appeared On 'Pump Rules' & Lala's Not The Only One Obsessed With Him

George Pimentel/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After what feels like an eternity of hearing about "Lala's man," we can finally put a face to the name: as of the Feb. 25 episode, Randall has made his debut on Vanderpump Rules. His appearance offered a glimpse into his and Lala's relationship — and the pains of their ongoing home renovation — but if the episode proved anything, it's that another cast member may be more enamored with Randall than Lala is.

Following last week's epic fallout between Tom Sandoval and basically everyone else, Jax went to SUR to confront his estranged half-best man one more time. He was hoping for an apology, but Sandoval stood his ground, asking Jax to take accountability for the pastor situation. Because Jax taking responsibility is more rare than a unicorn, Sandoval was shut down and fully disinvited from the wedding, leaving a spot open in Jax's wedding party. Cue Randall, who Jax seems to love as much as Brittany at this point.

"I've known Randall now for about two years, and he's just a giver," Jax explained in his confessional. "He's flown us to Mexico, Miami, the Bahamas. We just became friends naturally." Sure, Jax, it just happened naturally. From the way he describes it, he fell in love with Randall for the same reasons that Lala did.

At dinner, Randall aced his first Pump Rules impression. He ordered double fried chicken (relatable) and treated Lala like the queen that she is, sweetly asking for her permission to have a drink (she's sober). He even accepted Jax's offer to be a groomsman — only a week before the ceremony, mind you — in stride. He may only have one episode under his belt so far, but he already seems to have established his place as the dad (and sugar daddy) of the group.