The Clintons' Inauguration Plan Sparks Reactions

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump draws ever nearer, news about the bizarre event continuously makes headlines. But with all the speculation about the (very) shortlist of performers and festivities on Jan. 20, one piece of news shocked even the crowd of hardened political spectators: Bill and Hillary Clinton will be attending the inauguration. Twitter reactions to news of the Clinton's inauguration appearance were as hilarious as you'd expect. After all, this is the same social media network that made the Ken Bone meme during the debates.

Despite the vitriol shared between the Clintons and Trump on the campaign trail, it's not all that unusual that they'll be at the inauguration, given that Bill used to be president. He'll be joined by former presidents George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and, of course, Barack Obama, who will help swear Trump in. What's more "unpresidented" about the move is perhaps what made Hillary's campaign so historic: that the wife of a former president ran for president herself, and nearly won. Still, her decision to attend, even though she was Trump's erstwhile opponent, shouldn't be surprising. For instance, Sen. John McCain, who ran against Obama in 2008, attended the president's first inauguration, although Mitt Romney, Obama's opponent in 2012, didn't attend the president's second inauguration in 2013.

Below are some the best, most hilarious, and strangest reactions to Bill and Hillary attending the inauguration.

If The Tables Were Turned ...

It's painful to imagine what could have been if Hillary had won, but at least we get some comedic relief out of it.

Some Advice To The Former First Couple

Alternate text: "It's a trap!"

Some People Are In It For The Spectacle

Who didn't make this face when they heard the news?

Others Love How Westeros-esque It Is

Though it's hard to say whether Hillary or Trump is more of a Cersei.

Remember, Remember, The Eighth Of November

It does make for some excellent political intrigue.

They Finally Got Another Performer!

With all the people who've turned the president-elect down, I'd listen to Sax Bill any day.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Who made this gif, why did they do it, and how can I track them down? Someone call Sarah Koenig, I've got a pitch for the next season of Serial.

Consummate politicians they are, Bill and Hillary will be as polite as always in the face of Trump's swearing-in. But that doesn't mean that Twitter won't have some excellent quips lined up for Jan. 20.