Mae Muller Has The Ultimate Shower Playlist & She'll Be On Yours Soon, Too

"I would sing all the time," London based singer-songwriter Mae Muller tells Bustle of developing her talent. "Wherever I was, whether it was in the shower or walking my dog, literally just always singing to myself. In school I would always try and sing in the assembly’s if I got given the chance. I just really enjoyed it." Hardly three years have passed since Muller first started writing her own songs, but she's already been heralded as one of the emerging pop stars to keep an eye on during 2019, and beyond. So, we asked Mae Muller to take to the Bustle Booth, so you can get the lowdown on your future fav.

Taking inspiration from a large range of female geniuses, including everyone from Lauryn Hill to Lily Allen, Muller tells Bustle that "Strong women in music on the whole just inspire me because that’s what I hope to be." That vision's already coming into fruition. With a handful of boppy empowerment anthems under her belt, Muller's giving back strength and power to pop. Through music, she's overcoming her own obstacles to gain the resilience she'll need as a pop star.

So far, Muller's greatest challenge has been her own insecurities, she says, but it's all a learning process. "I’ve always wanted things to happen quickly but I’m realising patience is key." At the moment, she's also currently trying to suss out the music industry itself, as she continues to immerse herself in every stage of the music making and distributing processes. "I think being in music definitely changes the way you see the industry because you see all the different sides to it. I can see how hard everyone works and how many people can be involved in something that may not ever get the proper credit, which is sad," she says.

Nonetheless, exploring the ins and outs has been good preparation for what's about to be a very busy year for Muller. She's planning on "making and releasing more music, exploring creatively," as well as working on her live show. "Live is something I’m really excited about so watch this space," she affirms. We're excited and curious to see how her songs will be brought to life.

While she's already catching the spotlight, everyone knows that nowadays, in order to really get your name out there as an up and coming musician, then you'll want to nab a high key feature. Muller's got some names in mind. "I would love to collaborate with James Blake," she told us. "I saw him live recently for the first time and his music just takes you somewhere else. I’m a big fan." And well, that just sounds dreamy AF.

Take a look at the rest of the answers Muller gave the Bustle Booth, and while you do that, you should stream her songs on Spotify, before scrolling through her socials; you can find her on Twitter and on Instagram. Also recommended: this fan Instagram account which is dedicated entirely to her outfits. It's safe to say that Mae Muller is our kinda gal.