Here's What You Can Expect From Selena Gomez x PUMA

Guy Aroch

Selena Gomez is one busy woman. Not only was she recognized by TIME magazine as the first person to reach 100 million followers on Instagram, she also has simultaneously managed to create chart-topping music while also undergoing a kidney surgery — in secret — this past summer. To top it off, not only is she the face of Coach, but she is also now the face of a famous sportswear brand. Yes, Selena Gomez is Puma's latest ambassador, and fans of both hers and the brand should be extremely excited for this epic partnership.

On Monday, Puma announced a long-term partnership with Gomez where she will direct and star in campaigns for the brand and will even design her own products. Fingers crossed we'll get some badass Selena-inspired Puma pieces soon!

Fans got the first glimpse of the Selena x Puma partnership on Instagram when Puma posted a photo of Gomez with the caption that read: "Fearless talent and [queen] of Instagram joins the family." Puma's announcement comes with perfect timing as fans have truly seen Gomez be fearless after she opened up to Instagram about her kidney transplant.

While there's no word yet on what exactly we can expect from the Selena x Puma collaboration (or when), there are a few cool projects in the works, and she'll be more involved than just starring in ads. Gomez will be an active voice for Puma fans, according to a press release.

"Being part of the Puma family is very exciting for me. Puma has changed the game when it comes to the mash-up of athletic wear and fashion," Gomez shared.

Gomez is joining the Puma family alongside fellow mega-stars like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. And if her collaboration look anything like the Rihanna x Puma Fenty collection or Kylie Jenner's stylish athleisure outfits, well, consider all of us already in love. Just look at those sleek all-black shoes and that adorable velvet Puma tank!

Both Gomez and Puma have posted teaser photos on Instagram, and it's making fans very excited.

Not only did Puma choose Gomez for her original taste and style, but also because Gomez has such a strong social presence and connection with fans —the woman now has more than 127 million Instagram followers. Insane!

With her honesty and openness to share her story about living with Lupus, Puma knew she would represent the brand as a strong role model for women.

"Selena is authentic, creative, talented, and fearlessly real. She is everything that today’s female consumer is looking for in a role model," said Adam Petrick, Global Director for Brand and Marketing for Puma.

In an interview with Vogue, Gomez talked about how the new type of workout clothes are now sexier than ever.

"It’s a really beautiful thing because I see girls now feeling sexy in not even necessarily workout clothes, but clothes you could go work out in, then put on a cute pair of shoes and go out after," she said. "That’s what’s so crazy about now. Even just throwing something over a workout pant or just sweats, you kind of feel like you can do whatever you want."

As if a Puma partnership wasn't exciting enough, Gomez's other half — The Weeknd — was also recently spotted on Puma's Instagram rocking a pair of the new Puma Tsugi Kori shoe that was released on Sept. 15. Coincidence or no? Will this power couple soon take over the Puma family? At the very least, you can expect some very stylish Instagram photos of the couple in head-to-toe Puma.

Stay tuned to Puma and Selena Gomez' social media accounts for the latest news on Selena Gomez x Puma. Let's hope we all won't have to wait too long!