Selena Gomez Is Launching Her Own Beauty Line — Here’s What We Know So Far

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There’s an official comeback happening, but it's in a way you didn't really expect. Selena Gomez is launching a beauty line. Named after her latest studio album, the now beauty entrepreneur is introducing her fans to Rare Beauty.

Rare Beauty will launch in Sephora stores and Sephora inside JCPenney this upcoming summer. In a (no pun intended) rare Instagram post, the entertainer shared a video on Feb. 4 of a behind-the-scenes look at her and her team creating the brand. In the video, she describes Rare Beauty as a lifestyle that goes beyond social media mood boards — she wants the brand to encourage people to discover what makes their own beauty special.

“Being rare is about being comfortable with yourself,” she says in the video. “I want us all to stop comparing ourselves to each other and to start embracing our own uniqueness. You’re not defined by a photo, a like, or a comment. Rare Beauty isn’t about how other people see you. It’s about how you see yourself.”

Gomez explains in the caption of the announcement video that she’s been working on the venture for two years. According to Elle, the Rare Beauty Instagram account with over a million followers is actually the former Revival Tour Instagram page.

The day of the announcement, Gomez took to her Instagram live to explain the inception behind the brand. After feeling like she had to fit in with every trend on the market, she developed Rare Beauty to relive people of social media's high expectations.

"I think people feel the pressure — I know I do — where you kind of have to look like everyone else or you should get this because that's what everybody else is getting. And sometimes that can feel a bit isolating and you feel like 'I can't achieve that look'."

One other hint Gomez dropped in her live? Some of the items coming in the Rare Beauty line. Gomez admitted that everything on her face during the Instagram live was from her beauty brand. It seems fans can expect blush, mascara, an eyeliner, and a killer red lipstick.

The hype for the drop is already well-established. Summer can't come soon enough.

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