Stassi From 'Pump Rules' Is Spending Quality Time With Loved Ones After Losing Her Grandma

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Vanderpump Rules cast member Stassi Schroeder has always been very open about her life — both on the show and social media. She's even being candid about her grieving process following her grandmother's passing. As shared on Instagram, Stassi’s photos from New Orleans show she’s spending time with her loved ones after this recent loss.

On May 22, the Vanderpump Rules OG broke the news about her grandma with an emotional Instagram post. She shared a series of photos along with a very touching caption:

"There is an actual angel in heaven. There are no words to explain how irreplaceable my grandmother was. No words to describe this devastation."

Even so, Stassi did manage to find the perfect words to honor her beloved grandmother. She continued, "My grandma Rosemary lived 95 glorious years with so much love and family. The most kind, generous, forgiving, elegant, genuine person I’ve had in my life. And I’m so lucky I had her to look up to as an example."

Stassi also discussed her loss during the May 24 episode of her Straight Up With Stassi podcast. She revealed, "This is the first time I experienced a death like this with somebody that is so close to me. It feels hard to breathe." Then, she told her viewers, "Everyone is different. Whatever you need to do, do." She went on to explain,

"Nothing is wrong in how you deal with death. Nothing is wrong with how you mourn. Everyone does it differently. Everyone has their own way of dealing with that excruciating pain."

Stassi added, "However you feel mourning the loss of someone, you have the right to do it in your own way and there shouldn't be any guilt attached."

Aside from sharing some sweet memories on social media and on her podcast, Stassi also revealed she filled in for her grandmother during the weekly mass and dinner that she attended with a group of friends at home in New Orleans.

Stassi even compared her grandma's group of friends to the Witches of WeHo, the moniker she, Kristen Doute, and Katie Maloney gave to their friend group. Like grandmother, like granddaughter.

She also has been spending some quality time with her family members in her hometown. On May 27, Stassi posted a photo with her dad, her brother Hunter Schroeder, and her boyfriend Beau Clark celebrating her grandma's life.

Beau also took to social media during their New Orleans trip with a very supportive message for his girlfriend. Beau shared, "I’ll always be here for the sad times and the great times." Aww, how sweet of him.

Stassi is getting through this by spending time with her family and opening up to her very invested podcast viewers. She explained how she felt conflicted about being the open book we all know and love and grieving privately during her most recent podcast episode.

She stated on her podcast, "My work is my life. My job is my life." It is all very much entangled: the show, podcast, book, and social media posts. Stassi shared that she feels like she's "not allowed to have secrets" because of this overlap. She continued, "You let everyone know what's going on 24/7. That is the way I've chosen to live my life. That was my life and I'm grateful that I have these platforms to share my life and what happens to me with everyone."

As tough as it sounds to balance, there is definitely some good that comes from Stassi sharing her life with so many people. She shared,

"I am so thankful that [my grandmother] was able to do my podcast and film Vanderpump Rules because now I know that everyone has seen that. They've seen her. They've seen how irreplaceable she was, how elegant, how charismatic, how charming, [and] how awesome my grandmother was."

Her grandmother's spirit has inspired her come to through on her regular obligations during this mourning period. Stassi said, "This week, I've been trying to think, 'What would my Grandma Rosemary do?'"

The Vanderpump Rules OG declared, "We all have things to do." Then she said, "People's lives don't stop for someone else. You have to just pull it together and be the best version of yourself." And that's what she's doing.

Stassi is continuing to film the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules. She sat in for Grandma Rosemary during her weekly girls' dinner, she spent time with her family members in her hometown, and she even managed to host her podcast — although she's juggling so much these days and could probably use a break.

There's no doubt that Stassi's grandmother is very proud of her and how she's handling her grief, and, more importantly, her life in general.