The Best 'Stranger Things' Character Quotes To Use For Your Halloween Instagram Captions


Stranger Things and Halloween go hand in hand, so it's only natural that tons of people are dressing up as their favorite Demogorgon-fighting kids for this year's spook fest. For everybody who is dressing up as the Netflix show's characters though, there are plenty of great Stranger Things character quotes for Instagram captions that will give your Halloween photo shoots a little more edge. And you might want to consider these before simply choosing "Justice for Barb" — even though she does deserve it.

If you're dressed up as a Stranger Things character, you're already in good company as a bunch of celebrities have posted pictures to the 'gram with their renditions of everyone's favorite crime-fighting adolescents. Andy Cohen, Kelly Ripa, and Ryan Seacrest nailed their renditions of Dustin, Eleven, and Jonathan, respectively, for instance. And who can forget that, last year, Amy Schumer dressed up as Dustin while her boyfriend was Eleven in the most perfect gender-swapped couples costume ever? Still, there's never enough Stranger Things cosplay to go around, so don't let any celebrities' costumes stop you from being your favorite character from the wonderful show this year.

These captions will make your Instagram stand out, and many of them even work for your non-Stranger Things costumes, too.


"Sometimes, Your Total Obliviousness Just Blows My Mind"

If you're dressing up as any Strangers Things character, this Dustin quote works perfectly, because everyone should already know exactly who you are being, duh.


"You Shouldn't Like Things Because People Tell You You're Supposed To"

Every high school movie and show needs that one character who's actually awesome but totally misunderstood by their cliquey peers, and Jonathan is that in Stranger Things. If you relate, then you should caption your photo with his quote — but not because anyone told you to, of course.


"I Had Two Bologna Sandwiches For Lunch"

This quote is kind of a wildcard, but if you feel like being silly and showing your love for Dustin, then caption your Halloween photo with this quote and you're guaranteed to make people laugh.


"I Don’t Care If Anyone Believes Me”

Whether you're dressed up as Joyce or not, her quote capture the spirit of Halloween which is: dress up as whatever you want and don't worry about what anybody thinks of it.


"Why Are You Keeping This Curiosity Door Locked?"

Unlike his quote about bologna sandwiches, this is one of Dustin's quintessential philosophical nuggets, and it's perfect for Halloween.


"Are You Actually Believing This Crap?"

Lucas is the skeptic of the group, and captioning your Halloween Instagram with his quote both comments on some of the absurdities of Halloween — and, well, life — while staying on Stranger Things theme.


"Yeah, That's Right! You Better Run! She's Our Friend And She's Crazy"

This Dustin line is probably one of the most iconic quotes from Stranger Things Season 1, so everybody will know exactly what you're quoting.


"Look At These Fakers"

Everyone is faking their identities on Halloween, so this Mike quote could be a funny nod to the nature of the holiday, or you could just be quoting your favorite precocious middle schooler as you dress up like him. Either way, it's great.


"Nance, Seriously. You're Gonna Be So Cool Now, It's Ridiculous"

If you're dressing up as Barb, this is the number one quote you need to caption your Instagram picture with. It's just so Barb.



Eleven's favorite diss is so innocent yet actually harsh at the same time, and that kind of sums up all of these kids.


"If Anyone Asks Where I Am, I've Left The Country"

For Halloween, it's perfectly OK to use this Mike line to pretend that the old you, like Taylor Swift, is dead — or out of the country — while you pretend you're someone else for the day.


"353 Days"

Show off the fact that you're a true fan with this Season 2-specific number that's oh-so sweet.


"Maybe I Am A Mess. Maybe I'm Crazy. Maybe I'm Out Of My Mind! But, God Help Me, I Will Keep These Lights Up Until The Day I Die"

Joyce is so beautifully vulnerable and dedicated to her kids, and she totally deserves an Instagram caption that quotes her. Plus, who doesn't have a little Joyce in them?

You might notice that there isn't a Jim Hopper quote to choose from, and that's because he's better with dance moves than he is with words. Of course, he also makes a good character to dress up as for Halloween — as long as you perform a dance just like he does in Season 2.