Sunday Forever's Kimonos Are Perfect For Lounging

Sunday Forever

Who doesn't love a lazy weekend? There's nothing I enjoy more than lying in bed, drinking coffee and catching up on my favorite Netflix show. Sunday Forever's founder Ashli Stockton feels the same way, which is why she created Sunday Forever's line of kimonos — so she could lounge in style after a stressful week in corporate America.

Stockton eventually realized that she was more passionate about leisure time than her corporate job, so she decided to create Sunday Forever, a brand for leisure enthusiasts. Sunday Forever's product offering includes all of the things you need for a truly relaxing weekend, like candles, incense, and most importantly, kimonos.

Sunday Forever's kimonos are the perfect loungewear piece. They come in several different lengths and various fabrics so you can find one that matches your style while still being insanely comfortable. They also make a great gift for bridesmaids or really anyone who enjoys a leisurely weekend (aka everyone you know).

I personally love wearing a bathrobe or kimono while getting ready, and these Sunday Forever kimonos are just glamorous enough for the primping process. The look book for Sunday Forever shows the kimonos being worn outdoors as well, so you might even be able to turn the fashionable kimono into an even more fashionable dress.

Sunday Forever

These kimonos range from $125 to $250 and are available on